[short review] LAST KISS Of SUMMER

Une of the difficulties to be critical, it is objectivity. Okay, if there is that it, when the same, there is not much to complain. And it’s going to, it was worst as an insurmountable difficulty. Know I have to be ? Do I need to be ? There is not the question. Today here is the short footage of Teddy Devisme, ex-writing partner on this site.

But don’t worry, any complacency will not be part of it. Because when a thing is rather, well, self-indulgent or not, unanimously will. And so yes, as you guess, the short film served by the mr. and of a quality frank.

Written and directed by Teddy Devisme, this little piece lively brew of multiple themes that are serviced by a realization that is more than correct. Being omnipotent always proves to be a good thing. Indeed, the alliance between the background, the form and the idea is actually pretty good and fluid. The film takes place, is well established and takes place without hitches in an atmosphere that is orderly, who never dissone.

If the whole reveals continuity as well as an atmosphere of well-contained, a sort of bubble united, the history, on the force to deploy many of the tracks. Love, seem, loneliness, relationships, prejudice, group effect, shyness, popularity, etc In a few minutes, the director allows us a glimpse into many paths of discussion, and we let them instill quietly in our minds. The reflections are many and open. In some plans, the universality and multiplicity of the themes are built. The film, finally, by its diversity of topics, manages to tell us simply the life.

“Fine, delicate, living, air, LAST KISS Of SUMMER is a pretty chronic in scope by the rhythm of emotions and a soundtrack very fair.”

This force embracing of the themes is all the more a feat by the short duration of the film. And if you are looking at a beautiful display of questions, it is thanks to the strength of the staging. Delicate, aerial, carried by the musical choices always in accord with the fineness of the short film, it allows us to drift away to the rhythm of feelings and events if true protagonists. The cutting of the film is clever and allows you to highlight each side and vision of the story by the main characters. A global view, to always live better, to feel and understand this column.

But never bla-bla. The director did indeed trust to the non-said. Feelings always speak better. To better explain. The film is then carried by the waltz of the feelings and situations rather than by dialogues explanatory. Never say anything to the viewer but let it be guided by the emotions in order to better understand life. And this, of course, works. And to marvel. There is no need of litanies to be in the film, alongside characters. Be human enough to understand this story.

Fine, delicate, living, air, LAST KISS Of SUMMER is a pretty chronic in scope by the rhythm of emotions and a soundtrack very fair. A short film that, in a short time, said a lot of things.

And a chronic short that tries to do the same.

Original title : Last kiss of summer

Achievement : Teddy Devisme

Scenario : Teddy Devisme

Main actors : Ludivine Roulet, Maxime Nourrichard

Country of origin : France

Released : May 14, 2014

Duration : 25 min

Synopsis : A young man, rather lonely, is secretly in love with a young girl.
LINK STREAMING (available as of may 14, 2014)

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