Solved: Office 365 Import Service Not Available

Solved: Office 365 Import Service Not Available

Hi! I use office 365 for executing my various routine tasks. Recently, while I was attempting to utilize the Microsoft Office 365 PST import service, yet it doesn’t appear to work. It demonstrates the turning dots for unlimited hours, after clicking on the Import Tab. I think this service is not working on my system anymore. Furthermore, there was not their option available to proceed with the remaining process. Would Someone help me to resolve with this issue and suggest me solutions so that I can use Microsoft Office 365 PST import service?

Is it true that you are the person who is facing “Office 365 Import Service not Available” problem while utilizing the PST import service of Office 365? So don’t worry we have come up with the solution mention in this article. Here, you will get all the easy and reliable solutions to resolve the above issue. Before attempting the solution, one should have the knowledge about the “What is Office 365 Import Service”. So lets us begin with the general presentation of Office 365 PST import service to import Outlook PST to Office 365.


Office 365 PST Import Service is an option for migrating email from pst file to Office 365. Client significantly uses Outlook Online PST import service to migrate local PST data to the cloud. In some cases, it is considered as Office 365 drive shipping and it offers two methods.

Method 1: For a smaller block of data, clients can transfer the PST files to Microsoft servers. At that point, Microsoft will move all the mailbox data into Office 365 mailboxes and the issue of Office 365 Import Service stuck will come in.

Method 2: For larger data blocks, clients can copy the PST files into local hard disk and afterward, mail them specifically to Microsoft servers. When the admins receive the hard drives, they can directly copy the PST files into internal servers and import the mail into Office 365 user mailboxes.

Methods of Importing Outlook PST files to Office 365

There are two techniques for moving PST to Office 365, one is manual and another is automatic. Users can use any technique for the bulk migration of PST file to Office 365 account:

1. Migrating PST files to Office 365 Using Network Upload

2. Import PST to Office 365 Using SysTools Office 365 Import

Network Upload Method

Step 1: Copy SAS URL and Install Azure AzCopy

Note: Users will get a storage key and upload URL. Keep it secure somewhere and further; these will be used as a password.

1. Click the link:

2. Sign in with your admin account

3. Choose Data Management >> Import >> Go to the Import service.

4. Click on the plus sign and choose Upload Files Over the Network option.

5. Choose on Download Tool (Azure AzCopy Tool) from the page. Click on Run.

6. Choose the Next button to undo Office 365 Import Service not possible error.

7. Accept EULA >> choose Next >> satisfy on default installation location

8. Choose Next >> Install the setup

9. Choose on Yes button from User Account Control Wizard

10. Finally, Choose Yes.

Step 2: Collect the Storage Key and Upload URL

Before you install Azure AzCopy, collect the secure key and the URL. Follow the below steps to do this procedure:

1. Open the Import Data on Office 365 Page and choose an essential option.

Note: Here you will get a secure key and URL.

2. Choose on Copy Key and wait until the procedure gets completed.

3. Again, Copy key & URL.

Step 3: Upload PST Files to Office 365

After collecting the secure and URL Key, users can upload the PST files to Office 365. Use the below steps:

1. Select and Open the cmd as administrator.

2. Open the directory location of Azure AzCopy installation.

3. Run the below-mentioned command for uploading PST files

Step 4: Create the PST Mapping File

In this step, create CSV files to map the PST files to the mailbox of Exchange Online.

1. Upload PST files to Office 365 import service not available.

2. Download PST Mapping template >> Fill required information in CSV file.

3. Save PST Mapping File.

Step 5: Create the PST Import Job in Office 365

Now, you have to create a PST Import job in service in Outlook Online. To do this process, follow the below steps:

1. Click the link:

2. Choose Data Management >> Import >> Import Service

3. Choose the plus sign and Upload Files over the Network.

4. Check the options I,e I am done uploading my files >> I have access to the mapping file. Then, choose Next

5. To add the Mapping file click on the plus (+) sign

6. Validate the Mapping file

7. Check on Agree with terms and conditions >> choose Finish

8. Select Close button >> Import process will be started

9. Check the report status for any error.

10. Choose Import Job for displaying the status of each imported PST file

Advantages & Disadvantages of Office 365 Import Services Not Available

1. Cost is High

2. The process is lengthy and time-consuming

3. Complex for the non-technical user

4. Need high storage hard drives

Automated Solution

SysTools Office 365 Import software is a secure and reliable method for Office 365 Import PST service to import multiple PST file to Office 365. To execute the whole process and use the below steps to resolve this service issue:

1. Download and Install Office 365 Import tool

2. Mention the Office 365 admin credentials and click on login

3. Browse the files/ folder and click Open

4. Now, mention the domain id credentials and authenticate them

5. After that, the tool will start the import process.

Final Words

Microsoft has been providing numerous facilities related to Office 365 such as Office 365 Import Service. Whenever the Services do not respond to users search for the solutions. So we have come with this article as per needs to resolve this issue. We have discussed both the manual as well as the automation approach. But the Office 365 Import Tool is most trusted and better solution to move Outlook PST files to Office 365 Account. This tool is even recommended by the experts for the import process. This tool supports all Outlook versions and has no limitation.

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