Splice : Extract (VO/HD)

Here is a first clip of Splice

The pitch : Two young scientists become famous for having fused the DNA of different animals to create fantasy creatures. They end up ignoring the limits of legal and ethical implications of their experiments by adding the DNA of a human.

Splice was directed by Vincenzo Natali (I. G. H, Nothing) with Sarah Polley (The Secret Life Of Words, Don’t Come Knocking), Adrien Brody (A Scam Almost Perfect, Board The Darjeeling Limited) and Delphine Chaneac (The Pink Panther, out of control). It has been produced – among others – by Guillermo Del Toro (The Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy).

Date of national release on February 17, 2010 !

Splice : Extract (VO/HD)

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