Studio Ciné Live #13 / March 2010

Here is a summary of the last Studio Ciné Live

  • The earth rotates

The news of movies filming anywhere on the planet.

  • News

Of Tim Burton, president of the upcoming Cannes film Festival in Sam Mendes in James Bond, all of which marked the news this month.

  • Success and failure

Back on the surprises of the attendance in the room of the last month.

  • Has the poster

You can find all the reviews of all the movies of the month, our favorites and our rants !

  • On the cover : Shutter Island

Interview with Leonardo DiCaprio – The island of the obsessions of Martin Scorsese.

  • Focus

NineRoman PolanskiJane Birkin, Caroline Cellier, Catherine JacobTom FordJulianne Morre, Amanda SeyfriedCarey Mulligan The ScoopJames ThiéréePrecious.

  • Portfolio

As a prelude to a travelling exhibition of Studio Ciné Live , and Unifrance in the world, while the French cinema is given an appointment on a hot tin roof.

  • Investigation

Oscars, the year of all changes.

  • Shooting

The Man Who Wanted To Live His Life.

  • The lesson of cinema

Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau.

  • Myth Parade

Faye Dunaway.

  • Flash-back

Life Is Beautiful, When Frank Capra invented, in 1947, the feel-good movie.

  • L. A. confidential

Each month, the actu jet lag live from Los Angeles

  • Bonus

T. V. : Dexter season 4 – House Close

The best blogs ciné.

DVD / Blu-ray : The Concert, The White Ribbon,

The actu records, and books

  • Forum

Benoît Magimel in the face to readers of Studio Ciné Live for her role in Without a Trace of Grégoire Vigneron.

  • Trailer

What you can read in the next issue of Studio Ciné Live

  • Mr. +

The chronicle of Pierre Lescure

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