Studio Ciné Live Hors-série #4 – Review 2009 / Preview 2010

Here is a summary of the last one-Off edition of Studio Ciné Live

  • The film of 2009

Month-by-month, the main events of this year

  • They have been 2009

The grand return ofIsabelle Adjani at the discovery of Sam Worthington, all the personalities who have marked

  • The revelations

Tahar Rahim, Denis Menochet, Katie Jarvis… did You discovered this year

  • Cover

Johnny Depp : After having illuminated 2009 with Public Enemies, it should delight 2010 with Alice In Wonderland of Tim Burton. Back on the career of a actor chameleon

  • Tim Burton

Interview with a creator outside the norm that appropriates today on the tale by Lewis Carroll

  • Balance sheets as France and the United States

The figures of cinema attendance in 2009

  • A Prophet

Small tour of the world in the company of Tahar Rahim who tells us how, after Cannes, the film has been received

  • LOL

When Lisa Azuelos recounts with tenderness and sincerity, the agonies of mother-daughter relationships, the success is waiting for you

  • A year of successes and failures

The cardboard box, rooms Neuilly Her Mother ! to the disappointment for the very beautiful Coraline, all the good and bad surprises of 2009

  • The highlights

Travelling on the films that we have challenged, shocked, surprised, amused, marked and upset this year

  • 2010-a year of light

The penultimate film of the saga Harry Potter, the fourth installment of Shrek, the second ofIron Man, but also the long-awaited Gainsbourg (Heroic Life), all trends which are expected to mark the new year movie

  • Prince Of Persia

The crazy of video games undoubtedly remember hours spent on this title. Here are the adaptation movie with Jake Gyllenhaal

  • 100 movies events

In the meantime the shocks between the superhero that should mark 2011 and 2012, this year should play the card of eclecticism. The proof is in the 100 films

  • DVD / Blu-Ray

Ten references to not to let it go

  • Folder High-Tech

Tvs low-profile, whisper to the Blu-Ray affordable, new additions to your home theater

  • The integral

The references of ALL the films of this year 2009

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