Terminator Renaissance : the Second trailer

After a first trailer of Terminator salvation, directed by McG, announced a few days ago, here is a second.

In fact, you were already told you the synopsis ? Not ? Oops.

In 2018, after the apocalypse, which pitted the men and robots, John Connor became the leader of the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. His vision of the world, however, is challenged by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger who remembers only to be found in the death row area. Connor must discover whether Marcus has been sent from the future or is a survivor of the past. As Skynet prepares the final attack, Connor and Marcus engage in an odyssey that will lead them to the very heart of operations of Skynet. There they uncover the terrible secret behind the annihilation programmed the whole of humanity…

Output on 3 June in France.

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