The best cinema schools in the United States

Among the many people who want to work in the movies, many want to do it on the other side of the atlantic, in Hollywood or New York. It may be especially advisable to look at the film in the United States. It is also an interesting opportunity for the other students, who will discover other ways of thinking and working. An important asset to stand out.

But be careful, studies in the United States are extremely expensive, so it is particularly important to choose the university or you are going to study. Here are the 10 best university and film schools in the United States.

1 – University of South California

Tuition : $42.000

Diplomas awarded : Bachelor in Arts (B. A, equivalent Licence), Master in Arts (M. A.), Master in Fine Arts (MFA), Ph.D (Doctorate) in various fields such as film, television, animation and interactive media

Alumni : George Lucas, Ron Howard, Jon Landau

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2 – American Film Institute

Tuition : $39.760 the first year, $48.365 the second year

Diplomas awarded : MFA

Alumni : Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Darren Aronofsky, Wally Pfister

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3 – University of California Los Angeles

Tuition : B. A.: $14.010 ($36.888 for non-resident); MFA: $23.468 ($35.713 for non-residents); M. A. or Ph.D.: $14.809 ($29.911 for non-residents).

Degrees granted : B. A., MFA, M. A., Ph.D

Alumni : Justin Lin, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

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4 – New York University Tisch School of the Arts

Tuition : $46.269

Degrees granted : B. A., MFA, M. A., and Ph.D.

Alumni : Joel Coen, Charlie Kaufman, Todd Phillips

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5 – Wesleyan University

Tuition fees : £59.402 (includes accommodation)

Degrees granted : B. A.

Alumni : Joss Whedon, Michael Bay, Miguel Arteta

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6 – the California Institute of the Arts

Tuition : $38.438

Degrees awarded : BFA, MFA in film, video and experimental animation ; MFA in directing ; BFA in character animation

Alumni : John Lasseter, Brenda Chapman, Tim Burton, James Mangold

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7 – Emerson College, Visual & Media Arts School

Tuition : $33.568

Degrees granted : B. A. and BFA in production, an MFA in audiovisual arts

Alumni : Denis Leary, Doug Herzog, Seth Grahame-Smith, Norman Lear, Jay Leno

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8 – Columbia University School of the Arts

Tuition : $49.448 for the MFA, $42.584 for the M. A.

Diplomas awarded : MFA and MA in conducting

Alumni : Kathryn Bigelow, James Mangold, Simon Kinberg, Courtney Hun

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9 – University of Texas at Austin

Tuition : $4.832 for degree programs ($16.331 for non-residents of State) ; $4.528 for the Masters ($8.524 for non-residents of the State)

Degrees granted : B. S. in radio-television-film, MFA in directing and production, MFA in screenwriting

Alumni : Robert Rodriguez, Thomas Schlamme

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10 – Chapman University

Tuition : $20.520 for the Bachelors, $16.050 $20.680 for Masters.

Degrees granted : B. A., MFA and MBA in screenwriting, film production, actorat, press relations, digital arts…

Former students : Ben York Jones

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Source of the ranking : The Hollywood Reporter

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