The cast of The Expendables to be unveiled

Stallone has a little more said about his next film, and more specifically its casting.

So here is “ze” list of what will be The Expendables, a film recounting the expedition in South Africa of a group of mercenaries sent by the CIA to bring down a dictator :

undefined – Sylvester Stallone

undefined – Jason Statham

Bao – Jet Li

undefined – Dolph Lundgren

undefined – Juliana Paes

Toll Road – Randy Couture

Tool – Mickey Rourke

governor Schwarzenegger – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Monroe – Eric Roberts

undefined – Danny Trejo

undefined – Steve Austin

Lacy – Charisma Carpenter

Hale Caesar – Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

Sandra – Giselle Itie

Barney Ross – Yours Truly

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