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The framing in the film means that the filmmaker capture during the shooting. This corresponds to the choice of the boundaries of the image : angles, scale of plans or organization of objects and characters in the field. The filmmaker composes his image as a function of these different elements and movements (of the camera or actors) are planned during the shooting.

What you need to know

The framing concept is not risky. Some filmmakers who are very experienced have been acclaimed for the use of frameworks, innovative, in opposition to the fundamental rules, but they were able to transgress these rules only because they maitrisaient.

Here we present four concepts that will help you to assimilate the basic principles of the image and the frame :

– The rule of thirds

The image must be composed by considering the horizontal and vertical lines…

– The meaning of reading

Our eye is used to read the information data by an image in a specific way…

– The forms of axes and guidelines

Each form is interpreted differently and has an impact on the feeling of the viewer. The guidelines, they affect the dynamics of the image…

To go further

Originally, the framework makes reference to the painting. It means, in a first step the borders of a table, and then finally what is represented within its limits. This framework is then extended to photography and film to represent what the artist capture during the shooting. Framing is an artistic choice powerful to play with the viewer’s imagination. The filmmaker chooses the elements that he wants to put in value, what he wants to reveal or hide the viewer. As well, it can put in place a mechanism to guide the feelings of the public (anxiety, surprise…).

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