The Day When God Is Gone away : trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer for The Day When God Is Gone away

The pitch : Kigali, 1994. The city is in fire and blood. Just before fleeing, the Belgian hide Jacqueline, a nurse tutsi, in the false ceiling of their villa. At the break of day, Jacqueline comes out of his hiding place and fled through the wood. She meets a fugitive in agony at the water’s edge. Refugees at the heart of the forest, they survive both good and bad…

The Day When God Is going On a Journey was directed by Philippe Van Leeuw (first feature film) with Ruth Nirere, Afazali Dewaele and Lola Tuyaerts.

Date of trip national on October 28, 2009 !

The Day When God Is Gone away : trailer (VF/HD)

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