The different video editing software and their features in the respective (part 1)

Les différents logiciels de montage vidéo et leurs fonctionnalités respectives (partie 1)

You want to succeed in your video editing ? But now, you are wondering what video editing software you should use ?

Here is the first part of our file on the video editing software free and paid as well as their features respective. Good read !

Video editing software : the free and their features

1. Windows Movie Maker, the video editing software offered by Microsoft

This video editing software works on PC. It comes with the operating systems Windows XP, Me, and Vista. It allows you to easily create videos. Even if it is a perfect beginner !

In effect, simple “drag and drop” enables you to assemble the sequences to make movies. If passages are not to your liking, you can simply cut the sequences by selecting with the mouse.

You can also import still images, digital photographs, and then add music, visual effects, such as pixelation or the zoom.

You can add animated titles, sub-titles. You can put a caption on the images. You can add transition effects, display filters of type ” black and white “, etc

Once your movie is ready, you can share it on the web via the direct link to YouTube or through your email.

If you want to burn onto DVD, you will have to use a burning software such as Nero. But note that Windows Movie Maker is not compatible with some CD-recorders.

In addition, Windows Movie Maker is unable to handle large files as well as quick bursts. In addition, this video editing software may have trouble managing its own functionality as soon as you find yourself on a home computer ; and that is without counting the incompatibility of the version for Windows XP with versions for Windows Vista, 7, and 8.

If you do not have Windows Movie Maker, the newer version of this video editing software is freely downloadable at this address or on the Microsoft site.

But as you have understood, it is a software-oriented family. Mainly it allows to create, edit, and share videos with friends and family. But if you want to mount a video really pro, it is better to use software pro.

2. iMovie, the video editing software offered by Apple

iMovie is a video editing software that comes with all macs. It has been developed for the operating systems OS X and i OS.

Exactly like Windows Movie Maker, it allows you to create, edit, and edit films, but only on Mac.

iMovie handles HD video. Once your clips are imported, you can cut and paste pieces, like with a word processor.

This video editing software provides several starting templates, which help to create a video with effects, transitions, banner information, and even generic.

iMovie provides a library of clips, a viewing window, and a Timeline which is located below the screen. Through a simple ” Drag and drop “, you will be able to add sequences. You even have the option to add voice recordings or music tracks.

The iMovie interface is well thought out, neat, and easy to take in hand.

The preview allows you to view at any time the future result.

Once your movie is edited, you can export in several resolutions. You can also send it on online storage services, this will allow you to easily share it with whoever you want.

3. Da Vinci Resolve 12, another free software video editing

Until now, this software was known as a world reference, a must in the field of calibration digital video with features such as :

– The primary functions of color correction that can be found in the software conventional professional video editing

– The tracker built-in to stabilize your plans

– Power Windows for tracker automatically elements of an image, isolate them, and treat them

independently without hindering the movement of the camera or of the object tracké.

– Etc.

But now, Da Vinci Resolve 12 incorporates features that make it a video editing software :

– An improved user interface and optimized for viewing on high resolution displays. Note that the navigation buttons are at the top of the interface ; this provides more flexibility to users in configuring their work space,

– Editing tools : slip, slide, add, swap, roll, fit to fill, overwrite, insert, replace, superimpose directives, ripple, etc., etc .. Note that tools Trim, Ripple, Roll, Multi-slip and Slide have been more sophisticated

– The possibility to select several points of trim dynamic and asymmetric even if the clips are on the same track,

– An audio engine with a higher sampling rate and playback performance real-time audio of good quality,

– Support for audio plug-ins VST and AU, and their custom interfaces

– Editing, multi-camera, enabling you to connect real-time multiple video sources,

– The edit and mix your audio tracks,

– The synchronization of tracks based on the audio waveforms or of the time code,

– Timelines that can be nested between them, to be mounted together, to be displayed entirely or hidden ; which helps in setting up of projects made up of several scenes,

– New transition curves that allow you to create or edit the custom curve, affecting parameters of the transition,

– The possibility to save the settings, audio settings, those settings that allow the modification of the automation and the support of the curve editor,

– The ability to see and process the paths of animation on the screen of the Timeline,

– The crop optimally,

– The adjustment of the speed of a clip using 3 different modes : frame blend, nearest, and optical flow,

– The possibility to type your titles and animate them with several tools,

– The possibility to animate the positions, rotations and sizes of images, graphics, texts,

– The ability to export projects to pro tools using the AAF format,

– The Media Management, which now improves the comfort of the Workflows of assembly. Note that the editors will be able to archive and restore projects and media without any difficulty.

They will also be able to better manage these projects and the media through tools such as consolidate, connect, copy, move, transcode.

But this is not all : the research of media in projects that are consequential, which is facilitated by the creation of bins smart. These show the sequences taking into account the keywords of the metadata.

In addition, the media can be imported through a simple “drag” in the Windows explorer or the Finder,

– Improvement of the system of colorimetry, thanks to a support of the color management,

– Support for remote rendering.

There are two versions of Da Vinci Resolve 12 :

– A free version : the Da Vinci Resolve Lite which is becoming the Da Vinci Resolve 12 short,

– A paid version : the Da Vinci Resolve Studio

The difference ? With the paid version, you :

– Navigate to the filter of crazy motion, filters, effects, time, tools, stereoscopic, and the reduction in noise space,

– Have the outputs 4K, and + : 4k cinema, 5k, 6k, etc,

– Can work in a collaborative manner with several people,

– Can work with the database servers external data,

– Can work with multiple graphics processors.

Video editing software : the pay and their features

1. Final Cut Pro X

-> In terms of performance

– Management of formats, larger storage and a larger number of images, thanks to a better exploitation of the RAM in your system,

– Support for native formats : REDCODE RAW, Sony XAVC, AVCHD, AVC-Ultra, H. 264, compressed audio formats, MXF, etc

– Operating 2 graphics processors to accelerate the analysis of the optical flow, the processing of RED RAW files, sending to Compressor, exporting in the background ; this allows to deliver projects in the course of assembly,

– Exploitation of the unused cycles to perform tasks such as image analysis, rendering, transcoding, and moving media

– Use of ColorSync, the color management system of Apple) for display and processing,

– A rendering engine that ensures a fast and a homogenous quality,

– The Thunderbolt technology, which allows a daisy-chain to six high-performance devices per port,

– A high-quality rendering, thanks to which you will be able to design effects that are really realistic,

– Etc., Etc ..

-> Import

This video editing software provides you with the opportunity to :

– Import all your content from the unified import window, regardless of the source,

– Manage your media, transcoding, keywords, and the analysis of images from a single screen,

– Customize the “List” view to display only the metadata that you are interested in at the time of importation

– Switch to the “camera roll” for a virtual representation of your footage,

– To add the locations (that you use frequently to the favorites in the sidebar. Thus, you will be able to access it in a flash,

– Once the import is launched, to work natively or transcode to ProRes in the background while you edit,

– Import and export of content from third-party developers that use the XML format,

– Easily create an archive of a volume from any collection of media. Note that this video editing software provides a unique identifier for each plan, this is in order to ensure the follow-up during the assembly process,

– Etc.

-> In terms of organization of the media

This video editing software offers :

– Libraries for organizing plans, sources and projects mounted within a unified group,

– A significant acceleration of the flow of production through the automatic analysis in the background of the content during import ; this allows you to continue with your video editing,

– Smart collections that make it easy to organise media without the need to move or duplicate files,

– The collection that uses the power of metadata to classify in the browser, the linked media,

– The index of the Timeline which helps the browse by key words, maps, markers, and tasks,

– Etc.

-> In terms of video editing

– With the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll never be faced with problems of out of sync or a collision between the plans.

When adding new plans, other, close, will remove the white or move out to provide them space.

In addition, you will be able to operate easily even in the case of sequences are the most complex. Why ? Because the Magnetic Timeline keeps track of the relationships between the plans in the course of your réagencements, trimmings, or additions of new plans.

– The overview in Filmstrip view allows you to assign keywords and quickly choose the best shots. Note that by combining the overview with the conventional read head, you will have a navigation and a very quick editing,

– Thanks to a collection of innovative features, you will be able to mount the multicam projects very quickly.

Hold, for example, the angle viewer, you can start the playback of multiple angles.

Another example ? The publisher of angles allows you to make adjustments specific in your multicam clips,

– Compound clips will help you to work on an individual element or group the clips in the Timeline or in the library,

– Thanks to the inline precision editor, you will be able to identify the best mounting point, to do a trimming on an image or an audio sample, etc

– The auditions, meanwhile, will allow you to quickly test several and find the ones that are better,

– The dual viewer simplifies calibration and synchronization,

– With metadata roles, you will be able to search, organize, view, mute and reduce the clips directly in the Timeline,

– Direct links, to the planes of reference in the Timeline, help you position, titles, music, sound effects, and sequences, B-roll,

– Etc.

-> In terms of effects, customizable

– High quality effects that allow you to experiment with glows, blurs, lighting, drop shadow, etc,

– Over 150 models of animation professionals (that you can customize) that help to create impressive names,

– Onscreen controls that offer you the opportunity to directly manipulate the image,

– The generators browser that provides access to automatically generated video elements,

– A bunch of titles, transitions, and effects sequences animated, all of which are delivered with Final Cut Pro X,

– Advanced chroma keying that allows you to sample the color, adjust margins, etc,

– The freeze frame,

– Etc.

->In terms of editing audio

– The ability to perform a multichannel audio editing,

– Support for mounting audio sub-images ; this allows you to make audio adjustments with a high precision,

– A equalizer professional 10-band or 31-band for each audio clip ; which help you rapidly improve the dialogue and music,

– The handle of fade, which lets you control audio fade-in and outbound,

– Audio enhancements through the analysis of audio files ; this allows to detect problems such as extreme variations in volume, excessive background noise, hum, etc.,

– The provision of over 1300 sound effects free,

– The possibility of recording, in the video Editing software Final Cut Pro X, voice over narration or a musical interpretation,

– A wide variety of stereo or surround presets to help you improve the sound of your mix,

– Etc.

-> In terms of color calibration

– The balance of colors that can enhance contrast, correct color casts, and make it look much more natural flesh tones,

– The matching of colors that can harmonize in a blink of an eye the clips shot with different cameras or at different times,

– A powerful combination of keying and masks that helps you to achieve a lot of things : change the color of the sky, the skin tone of the actors of the plan, etc.,

– Adjusting color that helps to adjust the color, saturation, and explosion, etc,

– Etc.

-> In terms of optimized output

– The share interface makes it simple and accelerates the transmission of high-quality files,

– The presets of exports are optimized for an impressive range of destinations : iPhone, Apple TV, Web, etc., etc ..

– The ProRes export is fast thanks to the use of files whose effects are already calculated,

– You can directly share your videos on Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, YouTube, Youku and Tudou, these last 2 being video sites chinese

You’ll be able to do HTTP live streaming with a specially designed preset for this,

– This video editing software also offers you several menus to themes that will allow you to burn it on DVD, Blu-Ray or AVCHD disc,

– You will be able to take advantage of the professional features of encoding in Compressor, send your project to a different video editing software, etc

– You can deliver your project in XML format ; this will allow for example the use of compositing tools, audio mixing, and calibration to carry out the last steps,

– The power of the graphic processor allows to accelerate exports in the background, while allowing you to continue editing,

– Etc.

2. Magix Video Deluxe 2016 More

This video editing software has several features that are all more useful than the others :

-> Usage & Tools

-The editing software video Magix Video Deluxe 2016 Plus provides a clean and simple interface of use which all the control elements can be adjusted, moved, or deleted. A window contains lots of content ? You can enlarge it to get a general overview.

– Magix Video Deluxe 2016 allows you to edit videos from cameras 360 degrees. It also allows you to light up your recordings from every angle.

– The new playback markers of Magix Video Deluxe 2016 the More you offer the opportunity to mark special moments directly into the video objects.

– The import wizard allows you to import your video from digital cameras, memory cards, etc., directly in the time axis. You can also have a preview of your videos, pre-selection, and the sort.

– 99 tracks of multimedia are available. Thanks to them, you will be able to arrange your projects (even complex) to suit your needs.

– No more wasted time to convert your files in a unique format ! You will now be able to edit recordings from camcorder, Smartphone, etc., simultaneously within the same project.

– The function “Record screen content” allows you to quickly create video tutorials.

But this is not all : Thanks to this video editing software, you can :

– Post-processing all optical distortions in your videos and photos,

– Create movies and slideshows automatically,

– Create manually or automatically of the versions are easy to edit your original files,

– Etc.

-> In terms of the creation of effects and menus

Thanks to Magix Video Deluxe 2016 is More, you will be able to :

– Stabilize your video recordings and optimize the tracking shots unstable with Mercalli V2 from proDAD,

– Have many models of titles (sorted by occasion, classified by folder) in which the graphical editing is complete and the structure redesigned

– Edit the titles : type the text directly in the preview window, and then move it in a click, change a color, change the size of some of the letters, lines or certain words, etc.,

– Have a generic start and end, as well as sub-titles really impressive,

– Add text to objects in motion or pixéliser of faces and license plates with custom object

– Assemble automatically or manually the images and the music and editing rhythm,

– Configure the models of transitions or create with the feature of blur,

– Have melted, customizable templates for DVD menus and Blu-Ray, movie templates, video effects and audio, etc., etc ..

– Film people in front of a background blue or green and replace it with videos or photos according to your desires, this is due to the effect of chroma keying,

– Maximize the brightness of the recordings with effects, High Dynamic Range,

– Adjust and edit in detail the effects, frame-by-frame,

– Blur the edges and make use of the effects of snacking or distortion,

– Create slow motion effects dynamic,

– Edit, if you want to, any image of the video with the correction of primary colors,

– Adjust the skin color or get a Color Pass using the correction of secondary color,

– Show the path of your travel through the route animation Magix,

– Transfer directly from your 3D camcorder, records stereo before editing them in the time axis,

– Create records amazing 3D even if you do not have a 3D camcorder, and this is thanks to the Premium version of this video editing software.

-> Editing of audio

This video editing software offers high-end tools of post-sound, mixing and audio restoration.

Thanks to them, you will be able to :

– Increase the quality of your audio,

– Get rid of the noise such as hum, crackle, etc,

– Minimize the unwanted noise and changes in volume,

– Automatically adjust the volume of your songs, and align it at the same level,

– Integrating the external effects with the help of the plug-in interface VST,

– Etc.

-> Export media

This video editing software offers several possibilities to export common.

Thanks to its export wizard, you can :

– Directly export your movies to various portable devices : media players, Smartphones, tablets, etc,

– Directly transfer your movies to SD cards ; this will allow you to watch your videos on your tv ,

– Directly upload your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

But this is not all : this video editing software provides you with several menu templates are of professional quality. Thanks to them, you can endow your movies with motion menus before burning to DVD, AVCHD disc, or even Blu-Ray.

-> Performance & Formats

– Many options for this video editing software you can set perfectly in scene data of your action-cam,

– Magix Video Deluxe 2016 no Longer optimizes the configuration for video editing thanks to an automatic search (at program startup) settings that are best suited to your PC,

– This video editing software supports the new codec HEVC/H. 265 used by the cameras in 4K current for the compression of video data,

– The decoding hardware accelerated (H. 264) reduces the main processor that accelerates seriously the import of your videos. When decoding is performed, the playback of the Timeline is much faster and more fluid.

– Thanks to a 64-bit support in Magix Video Deluxe 2016 More, this video editing software optimizes the use of ram and processors in the multicore processor ; which makes the video decoding ultra-fast,

– Magix Video Deluxe 2016 Plus supports all sources & formats video current,

– Thanks to the 4K Ultra HD this video editing software, you get a display even more detailed than Full HD,

– The new video format XAVC S is supported by Magix Video Deluxe 2016 More. So you will be able to import without converting.

-> Support is even offered

In case of difficulties, you can ask for help in the multimedia community magix.info. You simply write your question, and put it online.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements 14

-> The video editing software allows you to :

– Animate text and images with predefined settings professional,

– To make a sensation with the color, create slow motion, to insert fast, animate the titles of your movies, apply effects or blurs, thanks to new guided edits,

– To define with ease the sound of your film,

– View your images and videos on a map based on the location where you have taken them ; this is a real optimization of the search by places,

– Find, view, organize your photos and videos in function of the event filmed or photographed ; this allows you to optimize the search by event,

– Select a type of event, and to collect the clips of each chapter with Video Story. Once that is done, this video editing software takes care of the fittings, transitions, and the musical adaptation ; this allows you to get a full production,

– Choose a simple click the important moments of a clip and leave the video editing software to compile them into a movie,

– Select clips and a theme to quickly create a movie,

– Use the shake reduction to increase the quality of the footage from the onboard cameras,

– Add chat bubbles, images, and other elements of the original,

– To serve you 50 musical scores and 250 sound effects to renfircer the depth and the intensity of your movies,

– Use the sliders to adjust the colors of the clips,

– Use the drag-and-drop thumbnails of clips, transitions, and effects to build your plot,

– Directly enter your titles and text on the screen,

– To serve you options smart to cut out the passages side, adjust the audio balance, automatically fix color, etc, etc,

– Edit, and view 4K videos,

– Export your movie. At this level, Adobe Premiere Elements 14 offers settings that will help you get a film of nickel regardless of your equipment or the screen selected,

– Load your videos on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube,

– Create professional menus for DVD,

– Burn videos in HD quality using DVD affordable and standard drives, and then share them in the 4K format or AVCHD,

– Burn your photos and videos on DVD and Blu-Ray,

– To accelerate the creation of your film finalized through interaction with your hardware, Intel,

– To always show your photos in high resolution with support for Retina display on Mac, and the mode HiDPl under Windows,

– Improve your skills in video editing, using some of the ideas, tips, and all the help that is provided.

Here are different video editing software presented with their features. In a next article we will move on to another video editing software, mainly those that are most commonly used in the professional environment. Have you ever used any of the software mentioned above for editing videos ? Thank you for sharing your experience with us in the comments below.

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