The Festival of Cinema of 2009 will last for 7 days

The Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF), which puts the small dishes in the large for the Feast of The Cinema 2009.

In fact, this festival blows his 25 candles, and on this occasion it will not last 3 days as usual, but 7 days. What will make it in a movie theater at least 2 times.

It will take place from Saturday 27 June to Friday 3 July 2009. The bad point – necessarily, that said increase of the time said increase – is the price of entry, from 2 to 3 euros. The rest does not move, the principle remains the same, namely, a first purchased ticket, full-fare gives right to a Pass, which will see all future entries to 3 euros.

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