THE INCREDIBLES 2, the family of Parr was back in force ! – Critical

Discover the first world THE INCREDIBLES 2 in the presence of its director Brad Bird, it is also the Festival of Annecy ! A second component in the explosive and very successful.

A room Bonlieu archi filled, hundreds of paper airplanes (a tradition here) crossing the room to the applause of the audience wild, a first short preamble signed Pixar as funny as offset (Bao of Domee Shi) when finally arrives Brad Bird who is given the cristal d’or before the film “gift” of his film. The wait has been long (14 years since The Incredibles), but the result is largely up to the task !

The family of super heroes, the most famous of which is reduced to living in a motel, their latest exploits family have not won unanimity in the public opinion. Helen-Elastigirl is dedicated to find a job, and reverse the roles, Bob has already sacrificed in his job as a insurer. It will remain at the home with the children while she will go to work. In saying this, she didn’t find a job as a super hero ! Winston Deavor (whose voice in the united states is lined by Bob-BetterCallSaul-Odenkirk), a fan of super heroes who made a fortune in telecommunications, it offers in fact the opportunity to restore a positive image in a communication plan oiled by her sister Evelyn. Here it is part in the mission, camera hung on it to witness the blessing of their acts. Bob is found for his father in the household exceeded by the problems of teens of Violet, the energy of the Arrow and super powers emerging from Jack Jack.We can say that Brad Bird has not done things by half for this great return. The film starts off with the terrible attack on the Demolisher that are trying to stop our indestructible favorite, not without destroying themselves several buildings. The media covers more of the material losses that their exploits have saved lives, and the opinion is more favourable. This is the crisis for the superheroes became outlawed and the threat of ending up on the street. Who else to save a wealthy patron convinced that they are victims of an injustice ? And how to rehabilitate them if it is inviting them to do what they do best : fight evil with their super powers ? Elastigirl finds himself propelled her headlining “reality show” out of the ordinary. The stunts and special effects are absolutely incredible and we recognize behind the virtuosity and inventiveness of the staging, the leg of the director of Mission impossible protocol ghost.

What also pleased as always, are the scenes of married life, where Bob must face a daily ordinary who becomes extraordinary by the great powers of his children. This american family in spite of their gifts is like us and does not escape the clichés of the genre. A father who would love him also to be on the front of the stage to the place of his wife, a young girl full of excitement in love and is fighting to have the normal air and a mother who is ready to leave her new job at the slightest sign of distress of her husband. But the great discovery of this component, it is Jack Jack, who emerges as the character with the most inventive and the most fun. The baby inside is now capable of cloning themselves, becoming a ball of fire, walk through walls, or fight with a raccoon and we offer the most memorable scenes.New super heroes make their appearance, but of course there are the characters the headlights as Edna (babysitteuse in a hilarious scene), and Frozone. The mise en scene keeps us in suspense throughout the film with scenes of the chase of train breath-taking, invention, genius, a touch of feminism remover, a awesome combat in a cage electrified and a sense of humor that the ranks of animated films that you can’t stop to watch again and again.

Elastigirl will contribute to the rehabilitation of the super heroes ? You know, the 4th of July, and quite frankly, little chance that you will be disappointed !

Review published on June 15, during the projection at the Festival of Annecy 2018.

Anne Laure Farges

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THE INCREDIBLES 2, the family of Parr was back in force ! – Critical
Original title :The Incredibles 2

Production : Brad Bird

Screenplay : Brad Bird

Main actors : Gérard Lanvin, Louane Emera, Amanda Lear

Release Date : 4 July 2018

Duration : 1h58min

4.0final Note
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