The novel of Dr. House at the cinema ?

A novel of the Dr. House at the cinema ? The dickens !

This would seem to be possible, however take with a grain of salt. The actor Hugh Laurie, famous Dr. House, states that United Artists owns the rights to the adaptation of his book, “Everything Is Under Control”. And who is behind this production box ? Tom Cruisein the thousand.

A first draft had been produced but quickly removed due to the September 11 attacks.

You can have a character of a dog, a sense of fairness assassin, but remain, even in spite of itself, a good guy. Hugh Laurie, formidable interpreter of the Dr. House, has largely been able to prove on the small screen, he did it again with this thriller thrilling in which the hero, Thomas Lang is a former military elite who, apart from his Kawasaki ZZR1100, has not much to lose. Also, when he was offered 100 000 dollars to kill Mr. Wolf, a wealthy businessman in london, Thomas is not content to politely refuse, but pushes the indecency up to try to prevent a future victim of the conspiracy is happening against him. A good intention ? Hell is paved.

We find in this thriller also takes a book of Robert Ludlum, also a stripper in an episode of Dr. House, the evil spirit’s life-giving Hugh Laurie, in the service of a captivating plot and a character you will not soon forget.

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