Thirst – This Is My Blood : trailer (VOSTFR)

Here is the trailer for Thirst – This Is My Blood

The pitch : Sang-hyun is a young priest, Korean, loved and respected. Against the advice of his superiors, he volunteered to test in Africa of an experimental vaccine against a new deadly virus. Like other guinea pigs, it succumbs to the disease, but a blood transfusion of unknown origin brings him back to life. Back in Korea, he begins to undergo strange mutations, physical and psychological : the priest becomes a vampire. But the news of his miraculous healing attracts pilgrims, the sick, who hope to benefit from his grace. Among them, Sang-hyun finds a childhood friend who lives with his mother and his wife, Tae-Ju. He succumbs to the violent attraction carnal he feels for the young woman…

Thirst – This Is My Blood, which was directed by Park Chan-Wook (I’m A Cyborg, Lady Vengeance) with Song Kang-Ho (The Good the bad And The Crazy, Secret Sunshine), Shin Ha-Kyun (Welcome To Dongmakgol, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance) and Kim Ok-Bin (The Accidental Gangster And The Mistaken Courtesan, Dasepo Naughty Girls).

Date of French release : September 30, 2009

Thirst – This Is My Blood : trailer (VOSTFR)

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