Here’s the pretty trailer for RUDDERLESS, the first film by William H. Macy !

An actor of supporting roles that we appreciate a lot !

William H. Macy, it is generally to this incarnation of the average type or the looser… In the Coen (Fargo), in P. T. A.,(Magnolia) or recently in the excellent Defense Lincoln (with Matthew McConhaughey).

His first film, RUDDERLESS is announced in the line Crazy Heart – a film following the journey of a country singer. However, there is a certain magnitude which exceeds the single frame, melodramatic : of the death of his son on the success of his group, RUDDERLESS details the cause and scope of a tragic event, on the life of a man.

The film is also carried by a casting box :

Billy Crudup (Big Fish, Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen), Anton Yelchin (“Dying Of The Light), Laurence Fishburne (the Matrix) Felecity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Selena Gomez that we hope to be as versatile as in Spring Breakers

RUDDERLESS has not yet date of release in france but we will follow with interest its news !

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