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Each day, the writing of the Blog Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on all of the channels, and another one exclusively on TNT, so not to injure anyone.

In the programme tonight : Absolutely nothing on the DTT channels and Toy Story on Disney Cinemagic.

Your remote control !

  • ON TNT

Nothing nothing tonight on TNT ! We are Friday, do not forget it !



On Disney Cinemagic at 20: 30

Technical data sheet

Release Date : march 27, 1996 (1h17min)

Directed by John Lasseter

With Frédérique Bel, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family

Nationality : American

Distributor : Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures France

Box-Office France : 2 761 874 entries

Budget : 30 000 000 $


In the bedroom of Andy, the toys begin to live their own life as soon as it comes out of the room. On the day of his birthday, a few days before the relocation of his family, it is panic, because everyone is afraid of being replaced by a toy new. Woody the cowboy is the favorite toy of a young boy and not dread so much this holiday. Andy receives a miniature articulated astronaut, Buzz Lightning. Very quickly, it turns out that Woody has “lost his” favorite toy, to the benefit of Buzz. He tries, however, to welcome Buzz in the group of Andy’s toys, but the astronaut does not know that it is a toy. He also thinks that he can fly, Woody contests. After a “demonstration” in front of the toys, they applaud, with the exception of Woody, who “do not call it stealing” but who calls it ” falling with style “.

While Andy is preparing to go to Pizza Planet, his mother tells him that he can’t take a single toy. Woody then tries to get rid of Buzz by making it fall in an inaccessible corner of the room, but fails, and Buzz is projected through the window. The other toys begin to think that Woody, jealous, tried to kill Buzz. As for Andy, not finding more Buzz, he takes Woody to Pizza Planet. Buzz suddenly sees Andy go into his mom’s car with Woody and climbs into the vehicle to get revenge. To a stop at a service station, the two toy rivals are in a fight, even leave the car of the mother of Andy, who left eventually without them.

Woody found a truck for Pizza Planet and plans then to climb in to join Andy. But, fearing the gaze of the other toys if he returns alone, he asks Buzz to come with him. They arrived at their destination, the two toys end up in a machine catcher plush, where Sid, the neighbor Andy, destroyer of toys, capture them.

Buzz and Woody are trying now to escape from the house of Sid before the move of Andy. This house contains many of the toys worrying, as well as Scud, the vicious dog Sid. Buzz sees a commercial for the toy line Buzz the Flash of lightning, which hurts him deeply. He wants to prove he can fly but can’t and breaks an arm. Depressed, Buzz is unable to participate in the plan of escape of Woody. It tries to get the help of Andy’s toys, located in the house across the street ; but they want him still. The toys of Sid, them, help Woody in reattaching securely the arm of Buzz, who is then martyred by Sid. Woody arranges with the toys of Sid, a plan of rescue of Buzz. But even after all these efforts, the two toys fail to catch up with the car of the mother of Andy’s party for the move.

They cling then to the moving truck but are pursued by Missiles. Saving Woody’s dog, Buzz, is ejected from the truck. Woody tries to save him with the car radio-controlled Andy, but the other toys did not make him confident, and he is thrown overboard. The toys understand their error when they see Woody and Buzz on the car radio-controlled, and then help bring them back on the truck ; but the batteries of the car are exhausted and the two heroes are forced to ignite the rocket that was fixed for Sid on the back of Buzz for take-off. Finally, the car radio-controlled joined the other toys in the truck and Buzz and Woody join Andy in the car. The family and all of Andy’s toys finally arrive at good port in the new house. Each toy is in its place and everyone is happy.

The next Christmas, Andy receives a Mrs. Potato head as well as a small dog, which does not reassure the tribe of the toys.


• The film has generated nearly $ 362 million of revenue in the world ; and the criticisms it has received have been very positive, praising both the technical innovation of the animation and the quality of the script. In 2005 (its first year of eligibility), he has been selected in the National Film Registry for its ” cultural significance, historical or aesthetic “.

• In addition to the DVD releases, many of the products derived from Toy Story have appeared on the market : toys, video games, attractions, etc, The film has been the subject of two sequels at the cinema : Toy Story 2 in 1999 and Toy Story 3 in 2010NB 1, as well as a television series, a spin-off, The Adventures of Buzz Lightning (2000-2001) whose Buzz the Flash, the movie : The Beginning of the adventure, feature film directly released in video in 2000, is the prologue.


• Oscar 1996 : Oscar special to John Lasseter “for his inspired leadership of the team of Pixar/Toy Story had led to the realization of the first feature film of animation in synthesized images”

• Annie Awards 1996 : Best animation film, Best animation (Pete Docter), Best director (John Lasseter), Best music (Randy Newman), Best production (Bonnie Arnold and Ralph Guggenheim), Best art direction (Ralph Eggleston), Best screenplay (Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow, Andrew Stanton and Joss Whedon) and Best technical achievement

• ASCAP Award 1996 (Randy Newman)


• Oscars 1996 : Best film music, Best original song (You’ve Got a Friend in Me”) and Best original screenplay

• Golden Globes 1996 : Best film musical or comedy and Best original song (You’ve Got a Friend in Me)

• Blimp Award-1996 (the Kids’ Choice Awards12) favorite movie

• MTV Movie Award 1996 : Best screen duo (Tom Hanks, Tim Allen)

• BAFTA 1997 : Best special effects (Eben Østby, William Reeves)

[Source : Wikipedia]

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