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Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

In the programme tonight : the ELEPHANT MAN of David Lynch and the GRANDEUR OF THE AMBERSON Orson Welles.

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London, 1884. The surgeon Frederick Treves discovers a man completely disfigured and deformed, has become a attraction of the fair. John Merrick, ” the monster “, owes its name to Elephant Man au terrible accident suffered by his mother. Pregnant a few months, it is overthrown by an elephant. Impressed by such deformities, Dr. Treves buys Merrick, uprooting and violence of its owner, and the daily humiliation of being put in the show. The surgeon then think that ” the monster ” is an idiot, and congenital. He quickly discovers in Merrick, a man scarred, intelligent and with great sensitivity.

Technical data sheet

Original title : The Elephant Man

Director : David Lynch

Screenplay : Christopher De Vore, Eric Bergen, David Lynch. According to the books of Sir Frederick Treves “The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences,” and Ashley Montagu’s “The Elephant Man, a Study in Human Dignity”

Main actors : John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud

Country of origin : United States

Released : April 8, 1981

Duration : 2h04mn


• The Elephant Man is a tribute to the films of Tod Browning, such as Freaks.

• Before the film adaptation, Bernard Pomerance has written a piece with Philip Anglim, who played the role of John Merrick without any makeup, as represented on Broadway and resume later by David Bowie.

• A tv movie was shot in 1982 by Jack Hofsiss based on the play by Bernard Pomerance. It is again Philip Anglim, who takes over the role of John Merrick.

• It was long believed that Joseph Merrick suffered from Neurofibromatosis type I. recent research has shown that it was actually the syndrome of Proteus.

• This is the first film produced by the production company of Mel Brooks : Brooksfilms.

• The make-up John Hurt had lasted 12 hours per day. He has been directly developed from the mould in plaster, made on the head of Joseph Merrick, and miraculously preserved until then.


Nominated eight times for an Oscar, the film received no oscar.

• Grand Prix du Festival international du film fantastique d Avoriaz, 1981.

• César for the best foreign film 1982

• British Academy Film Award for best film

• John Hurt was rewarded during a ceremony equivalent to the academy awards in England. The film and the sets were also.

Sources : Wikipedia and AlloCiné

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Back in his hometown after an absence of twenty years, Eugene Morgan attends a ball given by the rich clan of Amberson. He finds his childhood sweetheart, Isabel, whom he still loves. His daughter Lucy falls in love with George, the son of Isabel, but the splendor of the Amberson is more than an appearance…

Technical data sheet

Original title : The Magnificent Ambersons

Production : Orson Welles

Screenplay : Orson Welles based on the novel by Booth Tarkington

Main actors : Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, Dolores Costello, Anne Baxter

Country of origin : United States

Genre : drama

Duration : 1h28mn

Released : 15 November 1946


• The Splendor of the Amberson Orson Welles is not a sensation when it released in the cinemas. In fact, it is projected into the rooms after a other movie, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost.

• To improve relations between the United States and South America, Welles is sent to shoot a movie in Brazil by Nelson Rockefeller, a shareholder of the RKO, even as the Splendor of The Amberson is shooting. Taking advantage of her absence, the committee of the RKO bringing together Robert Wise, Jack Moss, Joseph Cotten, Harry J. Wild and Russell Metty assert their right to the final cut. The film now lasts 88 minutes (instead of 141 !) and the fall is replaced by a “happy end”.

• Orson Welles said : “They destroyed Ambersons and it destroyed me ! “. The RKO is indeed responsible for the re-installation of the Splendor of The Amberson, the cancellation of the brazilian project It’s all True, and its eviction of the project Journey in the land of fear in favor of Norman Foster. This gives it the reputation does not go to the end of its commitments : during four years, Orson Welles will be more than an actor.


• Oscars / Academy Awards 1943 Oscar Best Film

Sources : Wikipedia and AlloCiné

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