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Each day, the writing of the Blog Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on all of the channels, and another one exclusively on TNT, so not to injure anyone.

In the programme tonight : a Window to Court on Arte and A Streetcar Named Desire on TCM Cinema.

Your remote control !

  • ON TNT


On Arte at 20: 45 cet

Date of reversal : October 22, 2008

Release Date : April 25, 1955 (1h50min)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

With James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey

Genre : Detective, Thriller

Nationality : American

Original title : Rear Window

Box-Office France : 3 070 983 entries

Budget : 1 000 000 $

Because of a broken leg, the reporter-photographer L. B. Jeffries is forced to stay at home in a wheelchair. A man of action and a lover of adventure, he realises that he can take advantage of his immobility forced by studying the behaviour of the inhabitants of the building that it occupies in Greenwich Village. And his observations led him to the conviction that Lars Thorwald, his neighbor across the street has murdered his wife. His fiancée, Lisa Fremont, the first takes seriously, ironisant on the excitement that it provides its oversight, but ends up taking the game…

Window on the courtyard (Rear Window) is an american film thriller produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock for the company Paramount Pictures. Shot of November 23, 1953 January 13, 1954 the Paramount studios in Los Angeles, it was released in August 1954 in the United States and on April 1, 1955 in France. It was presented at the Venice film Festival of 1954.

The film, written by John Michael Hayes based on the new “It Had to Be Murder” Cornell Woolrich’s (pseudonym William Irish), directed James Stewart in the role of a photographer who, following an accident, finds himself in a wheelchair and spends his time observing his neighbours, he begins to suspect one of them of murder. Grace Kelly plays the role of the girlfriend of Stewart, Thelma Ritter of her nurse, Wendell Corey, a detective, and Raymond Burr, the neighbor suspect.

The film is considered by many viewers, critics and film experts as one of the best films of Hitchcock. He has received four academy award nominations. Since 1997, it is listed in the National Film Registry, and is listed at 48th place in the ranking of the 100 best american films established in 2007 by the American Film Institute (10th anniversary edition). He is 29th in the ranking of the best movies of all time on the reference site IMDb with an average score of 8.6/10.

[Source : Wikipedia]

• Prix Edgar-Allan-Poe best screenplay in 1995 for John Michael Hayes

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On TCM Cinéma à 20h40

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Date of resumption : November 12, 2003

Release Date : 16 January 1952 (2h02min)

Directed by Elia Kazan

With Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter

Genre : Drama

Nationality : American

Original title : A Streetcar Named Desire

Box-Office France : 1 571 713 entries

Budget : 1 800 000 $

After a long separation, Blanche Dubois is joining his sister, Stella, in New Orleans. She lives with her husband, Stanley, worker of Polish origin in the old French quarter. The latter did not appreciate the etiquette of White and seeks to know what was the true past of her sister-in-law.

A legendary film, which announces the eruption of sexual impulses in the world of film hollywood until very soft. The clear dark expressive and pathetic of Kazan isolate the body and feelings in an apartment of an old run-down hotel. Marlon Brando, a sex symbol, virilisé, opposes a superb Vivien Leigh sensual and ethereal sinking inexorably into madness.

This film announces the official birth of the style Actors Studio to the cinema.

[Source : Wikipedia]

• Oscar for best actress : Vivien Leigh

• Oscar for best actress in a supporting role : Kim Hunter

• Oscar for best actor in a supporting role : Karl Malden

• Oscar to the best artistic direction

• Cup Volpi for the best actress for Vivien Leigh at the Venice film Festival 1951.

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