[tv] Wednesday, 28 August 2013 : The program on tv tonight

Each day, we advise you to take 2 films to see on tv that night : a film on the set of strings and another, exclusively on TNT.

The program this evening : SOUNDTRACK FOR A REVOLUTION Bill Guttentag and Dan boz’n and DRACULA from Francis Ford Coppola.

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Card program

The history of the civil rights movement in the United States has always been punctuated by the music, melodies, life-saving, chanting for freedom. Through the various musical groups of the time, “Soundtrack for a Revolution” traces the struggles of the black slaves of the time.

Technical data sheet

Director : Bill Guttentag, Dan Boz’n

Production : Joslyn Barnes, Jim Czarnecki, Bill Guttentag, Dylan Nelson, Dan Boz’n

Screenplay : Bill Guttentag, Dan Boz’n

With : The Roots, John Legend, Wyclef Jean

Music : Phil Marshall, Cinematography Buddy Squires, Jon Else, Stephen Kazmierski

Released : 2009

Duration : 82 minutes

Country of origin : United States, France, England


• Writers Guild of America Awards (2010) : Best screenplay for a documentary, for Bill Guttentag and Dan boz’n

• Producers Guild of America Awards (2010) : Best documentary film

Source : AlloCiné

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at 20.45

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In 1492, le prince Vlad Dracula, returning to fight the Turkish armies, is his fiancée committed suicide. Mad with pain, he defies God and becomes count Dracula, the vampire of his state. Four hundred years later, wanting to leave Transylvania to settle in England, he appealed to Jonathan Harker, a law clerk to a notary, and fiancé of the beautiful Mina Murray. The girl is the look-alike of Elisabeth, the age-old love of the count…

Technical data sheet

Original title : Bram Stoker”s Dracula

Production : Francis Ford Coppola

Screenplay : James V. Hart (based on the novel by Bram Stoker)

Main players : Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves

Production companies : Columbia Pictures, American Zoetrope

Country of origin : United States

Genre : Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Released : January 13, 1993

Duration : 127 minutes

Differences with the novel

The film of Francis Ford Coppola’s attempt to return to the sources of the legend of Dracula. His screenplay, written by James V. Hart, is thus faithful to the work written by Bram Stoker and is moving away from the clichés of the film versions previous. On the other hand, one of its originalities compared to the book was the introduction of a love story between Dracula and Mina Murray, who is absent from the book of Stoker. By contrast, the suicide of Elisabeta, at the beginning of the film, is based on a true story. While the prince Vlad the Impaler was a party in the war, officers turks have actually shot an arrow into his castle to announce the false news of his death. In this sense, according to Coppola, the film is more faithful to the historical reality than the novel.

Furthermore, Stoker had made Dracula a monster without feelings ; the character evolves considerably in the version of Coppola and becomes a victim of his own folly, which in the end regret his actions and beg Mina to give him the eternal rest. Monster bloodthirsty, Dracula becomes a victim of love, a facet of which considerably enhance its character, while changing significantly the purpose of the original work. In addition, the character of Mina is also changing : in the novel, she is both the victim and enemy of the count, unlike the film where she is the reincarnation of his lost love and ends up falling in love with him.


• Oscars : Best costume design (Eiko Ishioka), Best sound editing (Tom C. McCarthy and David E. Stone), Best makeup (Michele Burke, Greg Cannom and Matthew W. Mungle)

• Saturn Awards : Best horror film, Best actor (Gary Oldman), Best director (Francis Ford Coppola), Best screenplay (James V. Hart), Best costume design (Eiko Ishioka)

• CFCA Award : Best cinematography (Michael Ballhaus)

• Fotogramas de Plata : Best foreign film

Source : Wikipedia

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