Ultimatum : trailer and photos

We present to you the trailer and stills from the film Ultimatum

The pitch : December 31, 1990. The ultimatum launched by the UN in Iraq expires in fifteen days : if he does not evacuate Kuwait, the Allies have a mandate to use force. In the newsrooms of the west, there is talk of a Third world war.

In Jerusalem, the anguish is immense : Saddam Hussein threatens to use against Israel of the Scuds loaded with chemical weapons and bacteriological.

How does one live when life is hanging by a thread ? What do we make of its days, its nights, when the apocalypse is possible ?

Our story is that of Luisa, 23 years old, franco-Italian, a student of ancient History at the faculty of Jerusalem, and Nathanael, a young painter, French, he, too, at war with himself, to meet his own needs, works as a security guard in East Jerusalem. It is the companion Luisa. Their relationship, violent, and complex, is on the mode ” nor with thee, nor without thee. “.

Ultimatum was directed by Alain Tasma (Night Black) with Gaspard Ulliel (The First Circle, A Dam Against The Pacific), Jasmine Trinca (Il Grande Sogno, Lessons Of Love The Italian) and Michel Boujenah (The Offices Of God, The Last Gang).

National release on 30 seprtembre 2009.

Ultimatum : Bande-Annonce (VF) / HQ

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