Wednesday, 19 march 2014 : the program on tv tonight

Cach day, 2 movies to see on television : a exclusively on TNT and the other on all channels. This evening, I’M fine DON’T worry and the ARMY OF The 12 MONKEYS.


I’M fine DON’T worry


Release Date : September 6, 2006 (1h40min)

Director : Philippe Lioret

Actors : Mélanie Laurent, Kad Merad, Julien Boisselier

Genre : Drama

Country : France

As she come back from vacation, Lili, 19 years old, taught by his parents that Loïc, her twin brother, following a violent quarrel with his father, left home.

Loïc not giving new, Lili ends up by persuading himself that he is something happened and his search.

What she will discover is beyond understanding.

Rewards :

• César of the best actor in a supporting role for Kad Merad.

• César for most promising female for Mélanie Laurent.

• Prices Light the best hope male to Julien Boisselier.

• Prices Light the best hope for women Melanie Laurent.

• Gold star of the female revelation for Melanie Laurent.

• Gold star of the screenplay for Philippe Lioret and Olivier Adam.

Anecdotes :

• In one scene of the film, a friend of Loic is made to listen to a song to Lili composed in large part by Loïc. This friend is none other than Simon Buret, the singer of the band AaRON and interpreter of this song in reality. The second title of this song (U turn – Lili) comes from the nickname of Mélanie Laurent in the film.

• Several times in the movie, one sees, on a shelf of the kitchen, a reproduction of the la Jument lighthouse, with a nod to Philippe Lioret for his previous film The Crew shot in 2004.




Release Date : February 28, 1996 (2h10min)

Director : Terry Gilliam

Actors : Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Christopher Plummer

Genre : Drama, Science-fiction, Thriller

Country : United States

We are in the year 2035. A few of the thousands of people who remain on our planet are forced to live under the ground. The earth’s surface has become uninhabitable as a result of a virus that has decimated 99% of the population. The survivors put all their hopes in a journey through time to discover the causes of the disaster and prevent it. This is James Cole, haunted for years by an image to be incomprehensible, which is designated for this mission.

Anecdote :

At the beginning of the film, Cole is brought into an interrogation room where we sit on a chair which is attached to a vertical rail on the wall. A sphere supported by a metal frame facing him, to probe his weak points while the scientists questioned. Architect Lebbeus Woods filed a lawsuit against Universal Pictures in February 1996, claiming that his painting ” Neomechanical Tower (Upper) Chamber “, published in 1987, had been used without permission. The justice has given them reason to Lebbeus Woods, has ordered Universal Pictures to withdraw the film from cinemas and banned the broadcast as long as the three scenes where you see the decor would not be cut. In return for financial compensation of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, Universal Pictures has obtained from Woods to be able to release the film without cuts.

Rewards :

• Golden Globes 1996 : Best actor in a supporting role (Brad Pitt)

• Saturn Awards 1996 : Best science fiction film, Best actor in a supporting role (Brad Pitt), Best costume design (Julie Weiss)

• Empire Awards 1997 : Best director (Terry Gilliam)


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