What 3 items make up explosive ordnance?

What 3 items make up explosive ordnance?

Explosive Ordnance (EO) This includes bombs, warheads, SAA, mines, rockets and all similar or related items or components explosive in nature.

How long is an explosive safety waiver generally issued for?

(a) Consist of waivers and exemptions in accordance with DA Pamphlet 385-30 and are generally granted for a short period not to exceed 5 years, pending the cancellation of the DARAD or a correction of the deviation.

What is explosive ordnance reconnaissance?

Explosive ordnance reconnaissance consists of the detection, investigation, location, verification, mark- ing, identification, and reporting of unexploded ord- nance, including the initial evacuation of personnel. Disposal refers to various measures to render explosive ordnance safe.

How far should one be away from large explosive munitions?

A distance of at least one hundred and fifty (150) feet shall be maintained between class II magazines and the work in progress when the quantity of explosives kept therein is in excess of 25 pounds, and at least 50 feet when the quantity of explosives is 25 pounds, or less.

What is an SOP Ammo 18?

-Qualification. -Records. -Training. What is an SOP? Set of procedures for maintaining a steady supply of explosives and ammunition.

What is EOR quizlet?

Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance (EOR)

What does the color coding on this ammunition item represent?

What does the color coding on this ammunition item represent? The ammo contains high explosives. Which of the following protects ammo from weather?

What are the classification of explosives according to its sensitivity?

An explosive is classified as a low or high explosive according to its rate of combustion: low explosives burn rapidly (or deflagrate), while high explosives detonate. While these definitions are distinct, the problem of precisely measuring rapid decomposition makes practical classification of explosives difficult.

What is the use of explosive breaching?

The use of explosive breaching is like every tool in the SWAT commander’s toolbox. We would hope that any agency using or contemplating the use of this tool would take the time to address the important policy and training issues before going live.

How should explosive breaching training and certification be maintained?

All explosive breaching activities should be fully documented — both training and operational —and breachers and assistant breachers should maintain a log of all activities and training. Breachers and assistant breachers should maintain certification through professional training resources and the training should include legal implications.

When should explosive breaching be considered in your policy?

Your policy should identify the types of critical incidents where explosive breaching may be appropriate and it should only be considered in those circumstances where more traditional breaching methods have been deemed to be unsafe or impractical.

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