What a nib means?

What a nib means?

A nib is the point of a thing, such as a spear. More commonly it means the point of a pen, especially a fountain pen. Before ball points were invented, a common student problem was a pen with a broken nib. The word nib comes from a 16th century word meaning the beak of a bird.

Why do we say his nibs?

Nib means the narrow tip of a pen, so I think the expression may have originated as a way of calling your boss the equivalent of a “pinhead”. Instead of saying “his lordship”, you would say “his nibship”, which was eventually shortened to “his nibs”.

Are nibs bills?

a point of anything: a cutting tool with a diamond nib. a bill or beak, as of a bird; neb.

What is NIB in construction?

A Wall Nib is a U shaped, pre-fabricated plasterboard section eliminating the need to set external angles or stopends. They are installed first when setting out framework so the glazing frames and doors can be measured and installed while the walls are still being sheeted.

Is Nibs a Scrabble word?

Yes, nibs is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does his knibbs mean?

a person in authority, esp. one who is demanding and tyrannical. His nibs wants fresh strawberries in December.

Where did his nibs originate?

The OED says the origin of “his nibs” is obscure, but it might have come from the slang term “my nabs,” meaning “my gentleman” or “myself.” The word “nab,” according to the OED, refers to a head or a coxcomb (a fop or a dandy). The word “nib,” of course, refers to a bird’s beak or the business end of a pen.

What is a nib in Swift?

Swift version: 5.4. NIBs and XIBs are files that describe user interfaces, and are built using Interface Builder. In fact, the acronym “NIB” comes from “NeXTSTEP Interface Builder”, and “XIB” from “Xcode Interface Builder”.

What does NIB mean in construction?

What are NIB walls?

The nib wall is a bricked and tiled wall that goes between the space of the vanity and shower. It is built to the height of the vanity and just slightly short of the width to allow for the shower screen trim in most cases.

What is a nib wall kitchen?

Nib wall Including a nib wall in your kitchen layout can be a great way to resolve the safety issues around the placement of your stove. A nib wall separates the spaces whilst maintaining the feeling of openness in the kitchen for air, and traffic flow.

Is jib a scrabble word?

Jib is valid Scrabble Word.

What are cacao nibs and how are they used?

Cacao nibs are simply crushed bits of the meat from those raw cacao beans . Some producers package their products raw, and others roast them before they sell them. Processing turns raw cacao nibs into cacao paste, butter, and powder for use in chocolate products ranging from bars to sauces to beverages.

What are soft and flexible nibs?

Stock nibs described as “soft” or “flexible” are used to achieve line-width variation by varying pressure while writing. Some of the best known nibs of this type include the Nakaya Fine Soft and Medium Soft nibs, the FA nib for the Pilot Custom 912, the nibs for the Pilot Falcon Resin and Metal Falcon series, and the Omas Extra Flexible nibs .

What are nibs and Nobs in cribbage?

Nobs in cribbage. In cribbage, nobs is the name given to the Jack of the turn-up suit. That is, if the turn-up card is a four of Diamonds, then the player holding the Jack of Diamonds scores an extra point in her hand, known as “one for nobs” (sometimes “knobs”) or “one for his nob” (or sometimes “his nibs”).

Are cacao nibs good for You?

Various compounds, including flavonoids , found in cacao nibs increase blood flow to the brain, which improves memory, reaction time, problem-solving and attention span. This additional blood flow lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia as we age.

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