What all does Marie avgeropoulos play?

What all does Marie avgeropoulos play?


  • Known For. The 100 Octavia Blake (2014-2020)
  • 50/50 Allison (2011)
  • Butterfly in the Typewriter Jean Ann Jollett.
  • Tracers Nikki (2015)
  • Actress. Jiu Jitsu Myra (2020)
  • The 100 Octavia Blake (2014-2020)
  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Silver Swan / Vanessa Kapatelis (2019)
  • Dead Rising: Endgame Sandra Lowe (2016)

What age is Marie avgeropoulos?

35 years (June 17, 1986)
Marie Avgeropoulos/Age

How old is Octavia in the 100 in real life?

Marie is a 33-year-old Canadian-Greek actress and model, born on June 17, 1986, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She rose to fame starring in the 2010 movie I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Is Marie avgeropoulos Native American?

Background. Avgeropoulos was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, to Augusta and Philip. She is Canadian by nationality even though she has Greek ancestry.

Who does Octavia end up with?

11 Best: Octavia & Diyoza These two meet on opposite ends of a war for the planet, but end up having to survive, just the two of them and Diyoza’s daughter Hope, on a planet away from everyone else they know. During that time, they’re a family. They parent Hope together.

Did Octavia from the 100 have a baby?

After half a season of wondering, the final season’s second episode “The Garden” showed what happened to Octavia when she ran into the Anomaly—a decade-long journey when Diyoza gave birth and the pair of warrior women raised the baby girl, Hope, in relative peace.

What is Marie avgeropoulos doing now?

As a voice actress, furthermore, Avgeropoulos can be heard in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Most recently, Marie Avgeropoulos was seen in Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage. Next, she’ll star in Butterfly in the Typewriter.

Who is Octavia’s dad?

In the original script it was supposed to be revealed that Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) biological father, but that plot line was soon dropped.

Who has Marie avgeropoulos dated?

This list of Marie Avgeropoulos’s boyfriends and rumored exes includes Tracers costar Taylor Lautner and Shawn Roberts.

  • Taylor Lautner. Photo: Saban Films. After meeting on the set of Tracers in 2013, Marie Avgeropoulos and Taylor Lautner dated until late 2014.
  • Shawn Roberts. Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use.

Do Octavia and Lincoln stay together?

In “Unity Day” they have now become lovers and later Lincoln takes an arrow for Octavia, saving her life. He saves her life again in “We Are Grounders (Part 2)” when Bellamy gives him his blessing to take Octavia away in the midst of battle because of the arrow in her leg.

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