What amp did mike Bloomfield use?

What amp did mike Bloomfield use?

Michael used his Telecaster and played through his Epiphone Futura amp at the festival. He also brought along a 1963 Guild Thunderbird amp, a model that was briefly offered by Guild. This would be the amplifier that Bloomfield would use for much of the first Butterfield Blues Band record.

What guitar did Mike Bloomfield play East West?

Bloomfield used the Les Paul Standard in the Electric Flag and on the Super Session album and concerts. He later switched between the Les Paul and the Telecaster, but his use of the Les Paul inspired other guitarists to use the model and spurred Gibson to reintroduce the Les Paul Standard in 1968.

Who owns Mike Bloomfield Les Paul?

And if you’re in the New York area, you have a chance to see and hear this particular guitar in person at B.B. Kings on February 7th, played by Jimmy Vivino, according to Allen Bloomfield’s blog. Allen Bloomfield is Mike’s brother, and he is the rightful owner of the prototype Bloomfield Les Paul.

What happened to Mike Bloomfield’s guitar?

Michael Bloomfield, the rich Jewish kid from Chicago who demonstrated to a generation of electric guitarists that white men can really play the blues, was found dead in his car in San Francisco at eleven o’clock Sunday morning, February 15th.

Did Mike Bloomfield play at Woodstock?

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Woodstock Setlist. Paul Butterfield is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest blues harp players of all time. Rothchild persuaded Butterfield to bring a brilliant blues guitarist named Mike Bloomfield, who had been jamming with the group at Big John’s, into the band as a full member.

What year was Mike Bloomfield’s Telecaster?

Mike Bloomfield’s 1963 Fender Telecaster Blonde Solid Body Electric | Lot #85126 | Heritage Auctions.

Is Mike Bloomfield in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Bloomfield was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year as the lead guitarist for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the integrated group that introduced the blues to a generation of young, white music fans in the 1960s.

Is Paul Butterfield still alive?

Deceased (1942–1987)
Paul Butterfield/Living or Deceased

How old is Mike Bloomfield?

37 years (1943–1981)
Mike Bloomfield/Age at death

What amplifier did Paul Butterfield use?

He has been associated with a Shure 545 Unidyne microphone, although producer Rothchild noted that around the time of a 1965 recording session, Butterfield favored an Altec harp microphone run through an early model Fender tweed amplifier.

Did the Paul Butterfield Blues Band play at Woodstock?

The band was invited to perform at the Woodstock Festival on August 18, 1969. They performed seven songs, and although its performance did not appear in the film Woodstock, one song, “Love March,” was included on the original album release Woodstock: Music From the Original Soundtrack and More, released in 1970.

What kind of guitar does Michael Bloomfield play?

Les Paul CustomGibson ES-175Harmony acoustic Michael Bloomfield began playing guitar at age 13, probably on a parlor-model Harmony acoustic, after seeing the resonator guitar that his cousin, Charles Bloomfield, had been given.

Did Michael Bloomfield ever play the custom?

The blues had become central in Bloomfield’s musical life by the early 1960s, and it was probably the Custom that he played when he sat in with greats like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sunnyland Slim and many others. Michael also occasionally played at impromptu twist parties held at the University of Chicago.

How did Michael Bloomfield meet Mark Naftalin?

Michael also occasionally played at impromptu twist parties held at the University of Chicago. At one such gathering, he met future Butterfield Band keyboardist, Mark Naftalin. Naftalin later recalled that he sold a small Harmony electric guitar and attache case-style amplifier to a friend who in turn sold it to Bloomfield, probably in 1963.

What happened to David Bloomfield’s Tele?

Bloomfield was still playing the Tele, but… “When they came back a month later to play at The Living End, he was using a ’54 Les Paul,” said Erlewine, who approached Bloomfield after the show. The two struck up a friendship, and in the months that followed, the Prime Movers made it a point to watch the Butterfield band at every opportunity.

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