What animals are alebrijes?

What animals are alebrijes?

The Alebrijes are imaginary creatures that have elements from different animals such as dragon bodies, bat wings, wolf teeth and dog eyes. Colorfully painted, they were originally made with papier mache but nowadays they are also wood carved. The Alebrije was created by Pedro Linares Lopez in the 1930’s.

Do alebrijes represent real animals?

Alebrijes are whimsical carvings depicting animals, people, objects, and imaginary creatures painted with intense colors and intricate patterns. Although these distinctive cultural artifacts are often assumed to represent a long established, tradition of Mexican folk art, they only began to appear in the 1940s.

How are alebrijes created?

Most Oaxacan carvings are made from copal wood, a softwood tree that is often as curved and crooked as the mystical creatures that are made from it. The carvings are then brightly painted, most with repetitive dots and geometric shapes that give the pieces a look of depth and texture.

What powers do alebrijes have?

Powers and Abilities Due to their animal forms, they also have their abilities, behavior and instincts. As winged Alebrijes have the ability of flight, while Alebrijes with a strong scene of smell can track down who and what they want to find with it’s sent.

What are the 4 elements of alebrijes?

Pedro Linares’ grandson, Leonardo Linares Vargas said that he believes Alebrijes should contain qualities of animals from 3 out of the 4 elements (air, water, earth, fire).

Are alebrijes Mexican?

Native to the Valley of Oaxaca in Mexico, alebrijes are animals that escaped the nightmares of an artist and appear as a variety of different species – both real and fantastic. Pedro Linares (1906-1992), a renowned indigenous Mexican artist, first created vividly colorful papier mâché sculptures called alebrijes.

How do you say alebrijes in English?


  1. ah. – leh. – bree. – heh.
  2. a. – le. – βɾi. – xe.
  3. a. – le. – bri. – je.

What does alebrijes mean in Coco?

Alebrijes are animals that escaped the nightmares of an artist and appear as a variety of different species – both real and fantastic and native to the Valley of Oaxaca in Mexico. They are rare and unique animals that hold a special place of being a spirit guide.

Are all alebrijes the same?

No two alebrijes are exactly alike. Outside of the Linares family, one of the most noted alebrije artists is Susana Buyo, who learned to work with cardboard and papier-mâché at one of the Linares family workshops.

What is Alebrije’s real name?

The creature belongs to the Alebrije species, which effectively serves as his namesake; his real name, as yet unknown, is supposedly difficult for humans to pronounce. Alebrije may appear monstrous, but is actually quite gentle and kind, albeit naive & air-headed.

Why are alebrijes so popular?

More recent predecessors in Mexican culture, artists Julio Ruelas and graphics artist/commentator José Guadalupe Posada, created fantastic and sometimes terrifying images. Alebrijes, especially the monsters, have gained a reputation for “scaring away bad spirits” and protecting the home.

What animal is Alebrije from Legend Quest?

To his friends, Alebrije appears as a vaguely horse-like entity with a long, almost reptilian neck and a similarly long, similarly reptilian appearing tail. Although the artstyle of Legend Quest depicts them as pointy ears of Blue, Alebrije also has mantis-like antennae. Alebrije also has red hair & 2 eyebrows sported during the original movies.

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