What are dollfie dreams made of?

What are dollfie dreams made of?

Dollfie Dream is a line of 60 cm soft-bodied vinyl dolls made by Volks, similar to the smaller Dollfie dolls. This line consists of original Volks characters, but is mostly based on anime characters.

Is dollfie Dream expensive?

She doesn’t come cheap, priced at $980 in North America and a whopping €1,169.99 in Europe. This shouldn’t surprise, as Dollfie Dream dolls are often this expensive, in part due to their size. is 24.41″/62.5cm tall.

How much does a Miku doll cost?

Dollfie Dream “Hatsune Miku”

Sculpted by: Serika Misaki (ZOUKEI-MURA INC.)
Wig: “Hatsune Miku” Original Style, DD Size
Head: “Hatsune Miku” Original Head
Body: Dollfie Dream® Base Body III, Semi-White Skin, SS Bust
Price: $682.00

How tall is a dollfie dream pretty?

The new Volks Dollfie Dream Pretty dolls have arrived. They are 50cm tall.

What is SD doll?

Super Dollfie (スーパードルフィー, Sūpā Dorufī), often abbreviated SD, is a brand of ball-jointed doll, or BJD, made by the Japanese company Volks. They are made to be easy to customize and are primarily marketed to adult doll collectors and customizers.

How many Miku Nendoroids are there?

As popular Japanese pop-culture characters, Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloid characters feature heavily in the Nendoroid series, with Hatsune Miku being depicted in over 50 different Nendoroids alone in multiple different styles (normal, Sakura Miku, Snow Miku, Hachune Miku, etc.).

What size is MiniFee doll?

The MiniFee line (also popularly shortened to MNF) is made up of dolls around 38-42cm tall that are considered slim minis (as well as mature mini). They were among some of the first doll lines on the BJD market in this size that weren’t sculpted to appear as children to larger dolls like other minis.

What does MSD doll mean?

MSD stands for Mini Super Dollfie, and these immature, more child-like bodies stand about 42 cm (16.5”) tall. Yo-SD come from the Japanese word for “infant,” and are even younger looking than MSD dolls.

How tall are MiniFee?

The MiniFee line (also popularly shortened to MNF) is made up of dolls around 38-42cm tall that are considered slim minis (as well as mature mini).

Is Snow Miku A Dollfie Dream®?

The dreamy collaboration “Hatsune Miku x Dollfie Dream®” comes again! “SNOW MIKU”, a character who enlivens Hokkaido in winter, is appearing as Dollfie Dream®! In marked contrast to DD Hatsune Miku’s cool beauty as an Electronic Diva, for DD SNOW MIKU, we tried to enhance her cuteness.

What is the size of Hatsune Miku dream eyes?

Classification: Dollfie Dream Eyes: Dollfie Animetic Eyes / Hatsune Miku Original Design / Metallic / 22mm

What doll is Sakura Miku based on?

The Sakura Miku doll. This doll is very similar to the “Snow Miku” doll and is based on the Hatsune Miku DD-f3 doll, “Hatsune Miku Reboot”. It has its own unique set of eyes and hair, though has the same outfit as the Miku doll it has a different print.

What outfits are compatible with the Snow Miku?

As with the regular Hatsune Miku model, the Snow Miku model is compatible with any outfit designed for DD dolls that use the “SS Bust” body type. Some outfits have been release specifically to go with the Snow Miku doll.

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