What are industry specific databases?

What are industry specific databases?

Industry & Market Research Databases

  • BCC Research.
  • Business Source Ultimate.
  • CB Insights.
  • eMarketer.
  • IBISWorld Industry Reports.
  • MarketResearch.com Academic.
  • Passport GMID.
  • Thomson ONE.

What is industry research reports?

About this report: Industry analysis reports contain a wealth of information specific to industry type. This includes current trends, opportunities, threats, challenges, and critical issues. They also contain financial benchmark information that may be used for comparison against those in the industry.

What database is useful for accessing industry information?

The library has several databases you can use to research of a specific industry, but the two recommended the most are IBISWorld, or Plunkett Research. Access these databases using the A-Z Database list.

Where can I find industry research reports?

Market Research databases

  • Business Source Premier Best Bet. Contains full text articles from over 2,300 journals covering all business disciplines.
  • FT.com: Financial Times.
  • Mintel Market Sizes.
  • Mintel Reports.
  • Nexis.
  • Reports from Business Source Premier Best Bet.
  • Statista Best Bet.
  • UK Data Service (incorporating ESDS)

What are the Industrial Research?

industrial research means the planned research or critical investigation aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for developing new products, processes or services or for bringing about a significant improvement in existing products, processes or services.

Which database is best for data analysis?

If you answered Excel, a relational database like Postgres, MySQL, Amazon Redshift or BigQuery will fit your needs. These structured, relational databases are great when you know exactly what kind of data you’re going to receive and how it links together — basically how rows and columns relate.

What are the advantages of industry research scientists versus academic research scientists?

Here are the 3 biggest advantages of working as an industry research scientist versus an academic research scientist… 1. Your progress is measured accurately and consistently based on performance. Career advancement in academia is a black box. You never really know how you are performing and you get very little feedback.

How does research differ in industry vs academia?

Chronologically, academia precedes industry in offering the opportunities to chase your passion for research. Industry, in turn, allows you to focus that passion toward a particular goal. Here are four ways research differs in industry versus academia… 1. Supply and demand.

What is the difference between academic research and professional research?

Academic research and professional research deal with research but in a different way. Academic Research is defined as a “ Systematic investigation into a problem or situation, where the intention is to identify facts and/or opinions that will assist in solving the problem or dealing with the situation”.

How can the gap between academic and Industry Research be bridged?

The gaps between academic and industry research can be bridged, it takes understanding the differences and then each side selling the other on the benefits of each, one complementing the other. A lot of companies are currently oursourcing their research to academic labs.

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