What are kits called in warrior cats?

What are kits called in warrior cats?

Kit: A kitten younger than six moons. In MemoryClan, called Younglings. Apprentice: A cat at least six moons old, and training to be a warrior (or a medicine cat.)

What is kitting in warrior cats?

[Standard Kitting] Standard Kitting: A litter produced by a couple/poly, without the assistance of a surrogate.

Can apprentices have kits?

Clans try to avoid pairing parents with their own kits, as they will be too lenient on their apprentices, but this does occasionally happen, especially in shortages of warriors. Warriors often watch kits as they grow and ask leaders if they can mentor certain kits, but this is not always upheld for many reasons.

What color eyes does firestar have?

Firestar is a large, bright, flame-colored tom with a pale orange belly. He has short, sleek, and thick fur, large ears, a long tail, and bright, emerald-green eyes.

Do Cinderheart and Lionblaze have kits?

As Cinderpelt died, her spirit transferred to the newborn Cinderkit. Finally, Cinderpelt’s spirit left to StarClan and she became mates with Lionblaze. Cinderheart mothered his kits, Hollykit, Sorrelkit, and Fernkit, and later Snapkit, Spotkit, and Flykit.

Is Spottedleaf related to Spottedpelt?

Soon after, it is revealed that she is related to Cloudstar, Birdflight, Gorseclaw, Spottedpelt, and Tigerstar. In the epilogue, it is said that Firestar and Sandstorm’s kit, Leafkit, is named after Leafstar and possibly Spottedleaf as well.

What Starclan cats died in the great battle?


  • Ferncloud.
  • Foxleap.
  • Firestar.
  • Hollyleaf.
  • Mousefur.
  • Sorreltail.

Can leaders have mates in warrior cats?

Ok so the warrior code clearly says that medics and female leaders can’t have mates and kits.

Is there Online warrior cats game?

Warrior Cats Online, often affectionately referred to as “WCO” for short, is a free-to-join roleplaying game featuring the renowned book series “Warriors” by Erin Hunter. On this site, there’s so much you can do! But first, you’ll need to make an account on the Forums.

What are the Cats in Warriors?

Warrior cats are wild cats who live in the forest. There are five groups. skyclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan most people forget about skyclan they got forced to leave long before the first book into the wild.

What are the warrior cats series?

In the Warrior Cat Series the feral cats of ShadowClan are the Alpha Cats, ambitious and greedy. They are the equivalent of the “financial experts” in the human world and the chief executives of big companies.

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