What are shiny kitchen cabinets called?

What are shiny kitchen cabinets called?

high gloss cabinets
In very simple terms, high gloss cabinets have a shiny finish that reflects light and look very contemporary. This finish is available with a number of materials like acrylic, membrane, laminate and so on. White glossy cabinets are the best choice when it comes to making your kitchen look visually larger.

Are kitchen cabinets supposed to be shiny?

High-gloss finishes reflect light and are great for bringing light into a smaller space, making the space feel bigger. Light also reflects off of dark glossy cabinets too. So if you’re considering a dark cabinet color, a dark glossy cabinet might be a good choice if you have a small kitchen or bathroom.

What are shiny kitchen cabinets made of?

What are high gloss kitchen cabinets made of? Acrylic is a hard-synthetic high-quality plastic, often used in sheet form as an alternative to glass, providing a shatter-resistant surface. High gloss acrylic cabinets are a great fit for contemporary style kitchens.

Should cabinets be gloss or satin?

Kitchen cabinets generally need to be painted using durable paints that can withstand scratches, smoke, oil spills, and grease. While satin finishes tend to be fairly durable in high traffic areas, they’re not as durable and versatile as semi-gloss against mildew and mold.

Are glossy cabinets hard to keep clean?

High gloss cabinets in the kitchen are attractive and relatively easy to maintain. However, when the inevitable splatter from sauces and drops of grease gather on the surface of the shiny structures, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. The best way to clean the gloss on kitchen units is with care and gentle detergents.

Is gloss or semi-gloss better for kitchen cabinets?

In general, kitchen cabinets should be painted with durable paints that can withstand scratches, smoke, oil spills, and grease damage. Semi-gloss paints are better suited to kitchen cabinets in high moisture environments.

Is semi-gloss good for kitchen cabinets?

Semi-gloss finishes boast a sleek, highly radiant sheen and can showcase a room’s architectural details. This finish is best for high-traffic areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and mudrooms. It’s also suitable for cabinets or built-ins, trim, and doors.

What color should you choose for your gray kitchen cabinets?

If you do, consider dark gray cabinets or light gray color with high gloss. For the full contemporary experience, choose gray cabinets with flat panel doors or slab doors. Are traditional, rustic, and warm homey kitchen designs more of your cup of tea? There are many gray kitchen cabinets ideas for you, too.

What goes with a grey kitchen?

The dark woof floor pops up perfectly in the total gray kitchen with the shaker style cabinets, marble island, and marble backsplash tiles. The waterfall edges of the island, the full slab backsplash, and the gold details complement each other around those beautiful shaker style gray cabinets!

What are midmidtown gray Shaker cabinets?

Midtown Gray shaker kitchen cabinets are considered a darker version of gray cabinetry trend. They belong to Forevermark’s Town cabinetry series. This kitchen cabinet series features a timeless, classic design with subtle detailing.

What are the different color lacquered kitchen cabinets?

Below, you will find a variety of different color lacquered kitchen cabinets in both Matte and High Gloss versions. We are updating this gallery constantly as pictures become available. Be sure to check back reguraly. Enjoy! LIKE A CERTAIN COLOR? 1. RAL 9001 Cream – Matte 2. RAL 1037 Sun Yellow – High Gloss 3. RAL 9010 Pure White – High Gloss 4.

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