What are some of the best dubstep songs of all time?

What are some of the best dubstep songs of all time?

Played at major sporting events around the world, declared the hottest record in the world by Zane Lowe, and sampled by Kanye West and Jay-Z, “I Can’t Stop” became more than just a great dubstep tune, but a cultural phenomenon. 1. “Cinema” – Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go (Skrillex Remix)

When did the song Pumped Up Kicks come out?

Foster The People uploaded the single to YouTube on February 4, 2011, even though the song was officially released in September of 2010. In just a short amount of time, “Pumped Up Kicks” became the group’s breakthrough hit single and was one of the most popular song of 2011.

What remixes have been made of Pumped Up Kicks?

In April of 2011, the New York City duo, The Knocks, was commissioned to do an official remix of “Pumped Up Kicks.” The remix titled the ‘Speeding Bullet Remix’ was made available to subscribers of the band’s email list. Also in 2011, Chrome Canyon decided to give “Pumped Up Kicks” their own flavor.

How many views does Pumped Up Kicks have on YouTube?

With more than 380 million views on YouTube alone, it’s time to reminisce about “Pumped Up Kicks” with the 5 best remixes. These are the Pumped Up Kicks Remixes. Since its release, Foster The People has had quite a few remixes in its days.

What are the best beats on my Beatport?

Log in to start using My Beatport! Spacetime (feat. NEVVE) Original Mix Break Shit feat. Blupill Original Mix Shell Shock (feat. Georgia Ku) Original Mix Death Rail feat. Whales and JOOL Whales & JOOL Remix Suffer (feat. Elle Vee) Original Mix HOL! Mawlee (feat. Young Buck & DJ Afterthought) Extended Mix HOL! Love and Regret feat.

What is the history of dubstep?

Uk based producer Joshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, was one of the pioneers of the emerging new dubstep movement. Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Prodigy, and Chemical Brothers, he decided to explore the dynamics of synth-based bass music.

Is Rusko’s dubstep still relevant?

Yes, the “mainstream dubstep” formula was still there, but the influence of reggae coming from the Afro-Caribbean traditional rhythms is present in all his work. Up to this day, Rusko is considered one of the greats in the mainstream dubstep industry. Oh, almost forgot to mention this.

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