What are the 4 wires on a wiper motor?

What are the 4 wires on a wiper motor?

alfaparticle said: The wires are 12v, fast, slow and park. The park wire is connected to the slow winding to park the blades. The ground is through the casing of the motor – there is no wire.

How does Park work on a wiper motor?

The wiper motor is a DC (direct current) 12V motor that includes a set of gears and a park switch. The park switch allows the motor to stop when wipers are positioned at the bottom of the windshield in their “park’ position.

How do you find the positive and negative wire on a plug?

Here’s how to find positive and negative DC wires so you can wire the supply up properly when you change its plug. To find the positive and negative wires, apply power to the AC adapter, set your multimeter to DC, then apply the red and black leads to the output and find a combination that gives you positive voltage.

What are the wires on the windshield wiper motor for?

These are the two wires that determine when the windshield wiper motor is at the home position. The other two wires are the high speed and low speed wires. Take your pick and try one and see which one is faster. Edit: After further looking, it seems that one of the pins IS the ground.

How do I know what DC power supply I have?

DC supply rating label. This is the back of the supply in Figure 1. Most power supplies have a rating label that looks something like the one in Figure 2. Make sure you know the polarity of the plug so you don’t reverse polarity for your circuit and damage your components.

What is color coding for DC power circuit wiring?

Many computer systems, solar power systems, electronics, automotive applications, and telecommunications systems run off of DC (Direct Current) power supply. Color coding for DC power circuit wiring depends on the function and the location (country) of the wiring. In our last article, we discussed International Color Coding for AC Power Circuits.

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