What are the 5 main blood tests?

What are the 5 main blood tests?

Examples Blood tests

  • Blood cholesterol test.
  • Blood culture.
  • Blood gases test.
  • Blood glucose (blood sugar) tests.
  • Blood typing.
  • Cancer blood tests.
  • Chromosome testing (karyotyping)
  • Coagulation tests.

What are the 4 tests of blood?

4 common “panels” in laboratory blood testing

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Basic metabolic panel (basic electrolyte panel)
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • Lipid (cholesterol) panel.
  • Tests related to thyroid function.
  • Tests related to vitamin B12 levels.
  • Glycated hemoglobin (Hemoglobin A1C)

What is the most comprehensive blood test?

1) CBC (Complete Blood Count) Complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most commonly ordered tests, and for good reason. Your blood cells can tell a lot about your health. CBC lets you and your doctor know when you have issues with infections or inflammation, but it will also signal when your diet is not balanced.

What is a full panel blood test?

If your doctor orders a full panel blood test, you may receive the following tests: Lipid Panel: measures HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): checks your blood for glucose, calcium, electrolytes, potassium, carbon dioxide, sodium, chloride, creatinine and blood urea nitrogen.

What are HbA1c blood tests?

HbA1c is your average blood glucose (sugar) levels for the last two to three months. If you have diabetes, an ideal HbA1c level is 48mmol/mol (6.5%) or below. If you’re at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, your target HbA1c level should be below 42mmol/mol (6%).

What is the best blood test to get?

10 Essential Blood Tests Everyone Should Get Regularly

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)
  • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol and Triglycerides)
  • HbA1c.
  • hs-CRP.
  • Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy Vitamin D)
  • Iron/Ferritin.
  • GGT.

What are the most common blood tests ordered by physicians?

Complete Blood Count This test, also known as a CBC, is the most common blood test performed. It measures the types and numbers of cells in the blood, including red and white blood cells and platelets. This test is used to determine general health status, screen for disorders and evaluate nutritional status.

What are the most common types of blood tests performed?

Complete blood count or CBC. The CBC test is the most common blood test being performed.

  • Basic metabolic panel. The basic metabolic panel checks your glucose,creatinine,potassium,calcium,sodium,carbon dioxide,chloride,and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) to determine your fluid balance,sugar level,…
  • Complete metabolic panel.
  • Lipid panel.
  • What type of blood is the most common for laboratory tests?

    The CBC is one of the most common blood tests. It’s often done as part of a routine checkup. The CBC can help detect blood diseases and disorders, such as anemia, infections, clotting problems, blood cancers, and immune system disorders.

    What types of things are checked in a blood test?

    Blood tests A-Z Blood glucose test. Blood glucose tests, also sometimes called blood sugar tests, are usually used to check for or monitor diabetes. Calcium blood test. Cardiac enzymes. D-dimer test. Folate test. Full blood count. HbA1c test. hCG test – human chorionic gonadotrophin test and pregnancy. Iron studies. Kidney function tests.

    What are four types of blood types?

    Any of the four main types into which human blood is divided: A, B, AB, and O. Blood types are based on the presence or absence of certain substances, called antigens, on red blood cells. Also called blood group.

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