What are the best seats at BMO Field?

What are the best seats at BMO Field?

Behind the North Goal, sections 101-103 and 128-134 offer excellent views of the North goal. These sections are much smaller (six rows or less).

Which seats at BMO Field are covered?

BMO Field has four super columns that hold up the roof to protect fans from inclement weather conditions. The canopy covers all seats in the east, west and south stands. Fans are still advised to be prepared for all types of weather.

How many seats are in BMO Field?

BMO Field currently has a capacity of 30,000 for soccer but can be expanded to host upwards of 40,000 fans through the addition of temporary seating.

Where do Toronto Argonauts play?

BMO Field
Toronto Argonauts/Arenas/Stadiums

Do you have to wear a mask at BMO Field?

Face Coverings Required A 3-ply mask that completely and snugly covers your nose, mouth and sits securely under your chin are mandatory at all times including when sitting in the stands, unless when eating or drinking.

Can you bring a backpack to BMO Field?

To protect our fans, employees and team and to align with league standards, a restricted bag policy is in place at BMO Field. No buckles, grommets/hardware or décor can be concealing any part of the bag. The bag must be all clear.

How many people fit in the Skydome?

Rogers Centre/Capacity

How much did BMO Field cost?

BMO Field

Construction cost Can$62.9 million ($77.3 million in 2020 dollars) Renovations: 2010: $5.5 million ($6.47 million in 2020 dollars) Expansions: 2014–2016: $120 million ($141 million in 2020 dollars)
Architect Brisbin Brooks Beynon Architects (BBB Architects), Gensler (expansion)
Project manager PMX, Inc.

Can you smoke at BMO Field?

Possession of alcohol not purchased inside the Venue; Smoking (including e-cigarettes or vapourizers) except in specifically designated areas.

Where is BMO Field?

BMO Field is a top-notch venue located in Toronto, Canada. As many fans will attest to, BMO Field is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. The BMO Field is known for hosting the Toronto FC but other events have taken place here as well. BMO Field Seating Maps

How do I choose a seating chart for BMO Field?

Every seating chart/seat map at BMO Field can be a little different, therefore it’s probably a good idea to double check you’re looking at the one that matches the event you’re attending. If not, you can always choose a different seating chart from the list above.

When is the box office open at BMO Field?

When is the box office open? The BMO Field Ticket Office is located on the Northwest corner of the building by Gate 1. It is open on event days only, beginning three (3) hours prior to event time.

How many parking spots are available at BMO Field?

More than 6000 parking spots are available on site. Accessible parking for BMO Field is found in exhibition place lot 2, located just south of gate 3. Fans being picked up or dropped off by private vehicle or wheel-trans may do so at gate 1 near the ticket office, or at gate 3 just off Princes’ Blvd on the south side of the building.

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