What are the biggest dairy companies?

What are the biggest dairy companies?


Rank Company Dairy product revenue in bn. US$
1 Nestlé 22.1
2 Lactalis 21.0
3 Dairy Farmers of America 20.1
4 Danone 18.2

What is the most popular milk company?

Dairy Farmers of America
Top Dairy Producers by Milk Production Market Share

Rank Dairy Company Milk Production Market Share
1 Dairy Farmers of America 3.5%
2 Fonterra 2.8%
3 Lactalis 2.4%
4 Arla Foods 1.7%

How many dairy farms are in South Africa?

1200 dairy farms
There are currently about 1200 dairy farms and 1.2 million dairy cows in South Africa, adds Bieldt, producing around 26,000 jobs.

How big is the dairy industry in South Africa?

The dairy cow industry in South Africa is one of the largest agricultural industries in the country, employing more than 40 000 people. Starting a dairy farm is more than just owning a few dairy cows and milking them two times daily.

Who is the largest producer of dairy?

India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 22 percent of global production, followed by the United States of America, China, Pakistan and Brazil.

Where are most dairy farms in South Africa?

Western Cape province
The Western Cape province is currently the major milk producing area in the country. It has been stated that more than 80% of South Africa is dry to semi-arid with an unreliable rainfall. This makes most of the country unsuited for intensive agricultural production systems like dairy farming.

What is the most popular dairy breed in South Africa?

They are different breeds of dairy cattle that are farmed with in SA. The most popular breeds are the Holstein (Friesland), the Jersey, and the Ayrshire, but there are other breeds like the Guernsey, Milk Shorthorn, S.A. Dairy Swiss, Dexter, and the Simmentaler which are less popular in S. African dairy farming.

What are 10 dairy examples?

However, some of the most well-known foods on the dairy products list include:

  • milk.
  • butter.
  • cheese.
  • yogurt.
  • cream (heavy cream, sour cream, etc)
  • ice cream.
  • whey.
  • casein.

What are the most popular dairy products sold in South Africa?

The most popular dairy product sold in South Africa is yogurt, with 82.5% of households reporting regular consumption. 80% of household purchase maas, while 63% of consumers purchase cream cheese. (Milk South Africa) #5.

How many cows does it take to produce milk in South Africa?

A dairy farm requires at least 100 cows to be a sustainable contributor to the South African dairy industry. Farms with fewer cows still produce milk, but struggle with profitability. (Milk South Africa) #7. South Africa currently has a total cattle population of 14 million head.

What are the top 3 cheese companies in South Africa?

#1. Parmalat is the leading producer of cheese products in South Africa, with a 29% market share of sales in 2017. Dairybell came in second, with a 15% market share. (Euromonitor)

Where can I get fresh milk in Gauteng?

Douglasdale Dairy is proud to be one of the first Gauteng based fresh milk dairies to achieve international Food Safety Standard, HACCP certification. The cows are milked and the milk… 61 George Street, Strand . Cape Town .

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