What are the different types of AAA batteries?

What are the different types of AAA batteries?

AAA Battery Features

AAA Battery Type Voltage(V) Reuse
Alkaline 1.5 Single-use
Nickel oxyhydroxide 1.7 Single-use
Lithium Iron Disulfide 1.5 Single-use
Nickel Cadmium 1.2 Rechargeable

What size is a 123 battery?

Technical Specifications Of The CR123A Battery

CR123A Battery Nominal Voltage: 3.2-3.3 Volts
CR123A Operating Temperature: -20°C – 75°C
CR123A Height: 34.2 mm
CR123A Width (Diameter): 17.0 mm
CR123A Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide

Are all AAA batteries 1.5 V?

Generally, Panasonic eneloop AAA batteries have an initial voltage of around 1.2V. Appliances and devices that require AAA batteries are usually designed to work within the range of 0.9 to 1.5V.

Are CR123 and 123 the same?

So the 123 battery is often called CR123, CR123A, 123A, DL123, DL123A, EL123 or EL123A. The DL in the part numbers DL123 or DL123A simply stands for Duracell. These Duracell DL123A lithium batteries have a long shelf life of around 8 years.

Is Energizer 123 same as CR123A?

Energizer Lithium 123 Battery, Replaces All CR123A Batteries.

What is an energizer rechargeable battery?

Energizer Recharge ® Rechargeable Batteries. Environmental responsibility meets inspired technology – introducing the world’s first AA/AAA rechargeable battery made with 4% recycled batteries. Now you can save money and have less impact on the planet by reducing the number of disposed batteries, creating less waste.

How many times can you charge a AAA rechargeable battery?

Energizer Recharge ® Power Plus AAA Rechargeable Batteries Recycles battery innovation comes to Energizer Recharge ® Can be charged up to 700 times Ideal for power-hungry devices like digital cameras, handheld GPS, MP3 players and electronic games Charge lasts up to 12 months in storage

What is the difference between Energizer® alkaline and ultimate lithium batteries?

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium ™ batteries differ from alkaline batteries in chemistry and construction. Energizer® alkaline batteries are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most applications. Ideal for frequently used devices. AA and AAA comes pre-charged. Ideal for frequently used devices. AA and AAA comes pre-charged.

How long do AA batteries last?

Results vary by type of device for AA battery Lasts up to 6x longer* than the other leading brand in digital cameras. Holds power up to 20 years in storage. World’s longest lasting AA and AAA battery for high-tech devices. Keep your devices safe with a leak-proof battery. No leaks – Guaranteed*.

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