What are the four basic rights in the workplace?

What are the four basic rights in the workplace?

All workers have 4 basic Health & Safety Rights

  • The right to know about hazards in the workplace.
  • The right to participate in OH&S activities.
  • The right to refuse unsafe work.
  • The right to no retaliation(discipline or being fired) for raising OH&S concerns.

What are employee’s responsibilities in the workplace?

Main Responsibilities of Employees to personally do the work they were hired to do. to do their work carefully and seriously (In some cases, they could be fired or disciplined if they’re often late for work, or if they’re absent too often or for no good reason.) to avoid putting themselves or others in danger.

What are the most common types of workplace accidents?

The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents. People who drive as part of their jobs are exposed to negligent drivers, inclement weather and faulty automotive equipment.
  2. Slip and Falls.
  3. Falls from Heights.
  4. Electrocution.
  5. Overexertion.
  6. Struck by Objects.
  7. Struck Against.
  8. Entanglement.

What is ergonomics in the workplace?

Ergonomics can roughly be defined as the study of people in their working environment. More specifically, an ergonomist (pronounced like economist) designs or modifies the work to fit the worker, not the other way around. The goal is to eliminate discomfort and risk of injury due to work.

What are your work rights?

the right to be consulted about safety in the workplace. the right to workers compensation. the right to a fair and just workplace. the right to fair pay and conditions.

What are the 4 most common workplace injuries?

The most common work injuries are slips, trips, and falls, overexertion, and contact with equipment. All of these injuries are mostly preventable by taking the proper precautions and adhering to OSHA’s guidelines.

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