What are the largest oil and gas companies?

What are the largest oil and gas companies?

ExxonMobil comprises of 3 brands, Exxon , Mobil, and Esso , with each brand servicing different countries throughout the world. ExxonMobil is considered the largest of the giants known as Big Oil, a group of seven or eight of the worlds largest oil and gas companies.

What are upstream oil and gas companies?

Upstream is a term for the operations stages in the oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production. Oil and gas companies can generally be divided into three segments: upstream, midstream and downstream. Upstream firms deal primarily with the exploration and initial production stages of the oil and gas industry.

What is oil and gas field services?

Oilfield service (OFS) plays a crucial role in the upstream service of the oil & gas industry , predominantly in offshore assets. The oilfield equipment and services include all products and services used for the production and exploration process in the upstream sector.

Who owns the oil and gas?

In the United States, oil and gas rights to a particular parcel may be owned by private individuals, corporations, Indian tribes , or by local, state, or federal governments . Oil and gas rights extend vertically downward from the property line. Unless explicitly separated by a deed, oil and gas rights are owned by the surface landowner.

What are downstream oil and gas companies?

Downstream Oil and gas is a sector in the oil and gas industry that pertains to the distribution and marketing of refined petroleum products and processed natural gas to the consumer market such as retail customers, industrial customers and commercial customers.

What is oil and gas operators?

American Shoreline,Inc. Exploration company headquartered in Corpus Christi,Texas.

  • Apache Energy,LLC. Apache Energy,LLC is engaged in the oil and gas business,with operations located primarily in Texas.
  • Baytex Energy Ltd.
  • Camac Holding,Inc.
  • Conoco Inc.
  • Dynegy,Inc.
  • ENX S.A.
  • Givot Olam Oil Ltd.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Hunt Oil Co.
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