What are the name of 10 direction?

What are the name of 10 direction?

There are four primary directions and a total of 10 directions….Directions in Hindu tradition.

English Sanskrit
South Dakṣīṇa, Avāchip
East Pūrva, Prācī, Prāk, Aruna
West Paścima, Pratīcī, Aparā
Northeast Īśānya

How many directions are there?

North, east, south, and west are the four cardinal directions, often marked by the initials N, E, S, and W. East and west are at right angles to north and south. East is in the clockwise direction of rotation from north. West is directly opposite east.

Who are the Ashtadikpalas?

The Ashtadikpalas or the guardians of the Eight Directions are offered salutations and invoked before any rituals and worshipped according to their importance in various rituals and customs. Indra, the King of the celestials is the guardian of the East.

How many directions are there answer?

Complete answer: North, south, east, and west are the four primary directions.

What direction is north west?

Northwest (NW), 315°, halfway between north and west, is the opposite of southeast.

What are the 32 points of the compass?

Therefore the 32-point compass is yielded from the eight principal points, eight half-points and sixteen quarter-points combined together, with each point at an ​11.25° angle from the next….Table of 32 Compass Points.

Direction Symbol Degrees
North-Northwest NNW 337.5
North by West N by W 348.75

Who is the god of west direction?

According to Hindu mythology, Indra is known as the king of Gods and Lord of Svargaloka. In Hinduism, Indra is a vedic deity and in Jainism, Indra is the king of Saudharmakalpa. Varuna is connected with the sky at first, but later it is associated with the seas. He is the guardian of western direction.

How many directions are there in India?

In total there are ten directions four are main directions i.e. Northeast (Ishan) In the center of South and East. Southeast (Agneya) In the center of South and East. Southwest (Nirutya) In the center of South and West.

What are the directions on a compass?

one of the four main points of a compass: north, east, south, west. symbol indicating the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W).

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