What are the Ontario Winter Games?

What are the Ontario Winter Games?

The 2022 Ontario Winter Games will be held over two weekends early next year – Feb. 24-27 and March 3-6 with 27 sports being held at venues throughout Renfrew County and three in Ottawa, including bowling in MacLeod’s Nepean riding. For more information on the games visit www.renfrewcounty2022.ca .

How often are the Ontario Winter Games?

The 2022 Ontario Winter Games will be hosted by Renfrew County from February 25-27 and March 3-6. There will be 27 sports competing with approximately 3,500 athletes, coaches, officials and dignitaries in attendance.

How often are the Ontario Summer Games?

every two years
“Ontario Summer Games is the province’s largest multi-sport event for athletes between the ages of 12 to 18. In safer times, they’re held every two years,” MacLeod said Tuesday. “The Games provide an opportunity for athletes to develop their skills and experience high-level competition.

How many Olympic winter events are there?

Winter Olympic Sports for 2022 The 15 sport disciplines of the Winter Olympics are categorized into three main categories: (1) ice sports, (2) alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, and (3) Nordic events. In each of these sports categories there are more specific events, as listed.

What sports are in the Ontario Summer Games?

Athletes aged 12 to 18 will participate in more than 15 different sport events, including basketball, canoe kayak, field hockey, lacrosse (box and field), rugby, softball, table tennis and volleyball (indoor and beach).

Where are the 2022 Canada Winter Games?

Niagara Region, Ontario

Year Canada Winter Games Canada Summer Games
No. Host city
2022 Niagara Region, Ontario
2023 29
2025 St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

What is the most popular winter Olympic game?

Ice Hockey
Topend Sports Poll — the leading sport voted the favorite Winter Olympics sport (poll runnning from 2014 till 2018) is Figure Skating by a long way followed by Ice Hockey. The least favorite sport is curling by a long way.

What is the Ontario 55+ Winter Games?

The Ontario 55+ Winter Games was held in 2017 with approximately 1000 participants from across Ontario taking part. It was a unique opportunity for companies to demonstrate community support and assist in the development of active older adults in 10 different sports.

How long does it take to host the Ontario Winter Games?

Starting for the bid process for the 2020 Ontario Winter Games, host selection will occur three years in advance of hosting the Games versus the traditional two years. The extra time will help host municipalities prepare to host the Ontario Games. Why host the Games?

What is the province of Ontario games?

The Province is set to deliver five multi-sport Games showcasing Ontario’s athletes and communities. The Games offers participants, volunteers and spectators an opportunity to experience the excitement of multi-sport Games, while leaving behind an important legacy of community pride and sport tourism development.

How many sports are there in the Ontario games?

Communities can anticipate approximately 3,500 participants in 24-30 sports at both the Ontario Winter/Summer Games and 400 participants in 8-10 sports at the Ontario ParaSport Games. The Ontario Senior Games Association Board of Directors will designate its sports for the each Ontario 55+ Games.

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