What are the parts of a synagogue?

What are the parts of a synagogue?

A typical synagogue contains an ark (where the scrolls of the Law are kept), an “eternal light” burning before the ark, two candelabra, pews, and a raised platform (bimah), from which scriptural passages are read and from which, often, services are conducted.

What is inside a synagogue ks2?

A synagogue is a place of worship for people of the Jewish religion. The most important thing inside a synagogue is the ark, or cabinet, that holds the Torah scrolls. The Torah is a holy book of Judaism. There is also a platform called a bimah, where a reader reads the Torah to the worshippers.

What is a synagogue BBC Bitesize?

Synagogue means ‘bringing together’ or ‘assembly’. A synagogue is a place of worship , gathering and education about the Jewish faith.

What is the bimah in a synagogue?

bimah, also spelled Bima, also called Almemar, orAlmemor, (from Arabic al-minbar, “platform”), in Jewish synagogues, a raised platform with a reading desk from which, in the Ashkenazi (German) ritual, the Torah and Hafṭarah (a reading from the prophets) are read on the Sabbath and festivals.

What are 5 features of a synagogue?

Five Important Features of a Synagogue:

  • Torah Scrolls – The scrolls contain the words of the Hebrew bible.
  • Bimah – A raised platform where most of the service takes place.
  • Siddur – This is the main Jewish prayer book.
  • Ark – The Ark is a cupboard in which the Torah scrolls are kept.

What is the main room in a synagogue called?

The Aron Hakodesh, often known as the ark, is the most important place inside all synagogues. The Aron Hakodesh is where the Torah scroll is kept. The ark is usually wooden and has the features of a cupboard, and will often have a curtain or door.

What rooms are in a synagogue?

Synagogues have a place for prayer (the main sanctuary) and may also have rooms for study, a social hall, and offices. Some have a separate room for Torah study called a beth midrash.

What is the most important thing in a synagogue?

The Aron Hakodesh, often known as the ark, is the most important place inside all synagogues. The Aron Hakodesh is where the Torah scroll is kept.

What are the pews called in a synagogue?

A pew (/ˈpjuː/) is a long bench seat or enclosed box, used for seating members of a congregation or choir in a church, synagogue or sometimes a courtroom.

What are the three main uses of a synagogue?

Synagogues are consecrated spaces used for the purpose of Jewish prayer, study, assembly, and reading of the Tanakh (the entire Hebrew Bible, including the Torah).

What are the two chairs called in a synagogue?

Separate seating in synagogue. A mechitza most commonly means the physical divider placed between the men’s and women’s sections in Orthodox synagogues and at religious celebrations.

What makes a home kosher?

The requirement to keep meat and dairy products separate necessitates that they be prepared with their own designated utensils. Accordingly, a kosher kitchen can be characterized by duplicates: two sets of pots, two sets of dishes, and sometimes even two ovens or two sinks.

What is the labelled synagogue worksheet?

With the Labelled Synagogue Worksheet, we have ensured that the crucial objects in the place of worship are present. This will be great for learners to get acquainted with the parts of a synagogue in a straightforward way. You can use this resource in a variety of subjects.

Help your pupils learn the parts of a synagogue in an engaging way! This resource features a wonderful hand-drawn image of a Synagogue that contains six items to be identified by your class. These are: Bimah – the alter. Siddur – a prayer book. Ark – a cabinet that protects sacred scrolls.

How can I use the photographs of a synagogue in plenary?

The plenary will ask pupils to look for these items in a photograph of a synagogue. The worksheet will ask pupils to design their own synagogue scene and then use the labels on the sheet to highlight the different objects in the picture. I hope that you will find this a useful resource and will leave feedback if you are able to use it.

How can I educate my class about synagogues?

Educating children about Synagogues would be a great way to teach your class to be interested in the religion and to treat those who follow it with respect. This in line with the Curriculum for Excellence’s RME 1-06a Experience and Outcome.

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