What are the subjects in MA Journalism?

What are the subjects in MA Journalism?

Syllabus of Journalism as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges….M.A. Journalism Syllabus.

Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Print Journalism
2 Radio Journalism
3 TV Journalism
4 Online Journalism

What are the subjects in MA Mass Communication?

Mass Communication Syllabus

  • Introduction to Journalism (Reporting, Writing and Editing)
  • Writing for Media.
  • Indian Culture.
  • Socio-Economic and Political Scenario.
  • Basics of Design and Graphics.
  • Print Journalism.
  • History of Print and Broadcasting in India.
  • Media Laws and Ethics.

Is MA in Journalism and Mass Communication?

MJMC (Master of Journalism & Mass Communication) is a postgraduate mass communication course of two years duration. The course involves the study of different forms of mass media including newspapers, radio, television, films, etc to convey information to a large audience.

What can I do after MA in Journalism and Mass Communication?

Here are some job opportunities you can take up after pursuing your Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication.

  1. Content Writing. If you are good at writing, put your talent to the test.
  2. Public Relations.
  3. Event Management.
  4. Advertising.
  5. Social Media Executive.
  6. Television & Film Production.
  7. Digital Marketing.

What is the eligibility for MA Journalism?

MA Journalism: Course Highlights

Course Level Post Graduation
Duration 2 years
Examination type Semester
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with an aggregate of 50% marks and above from a recognized university.
Admission Process Merit Basis / Entrance Exam Scores

Who can do MA in mass communication?

All candidates who have completed their graduation from a recognised university with at least 50% – 60% aggregate marks fulfill eligibility criteria for MMC course. Candidates should also not be more than 30 – 35 years in age in the year of admission.

What is the eligibility for MA journalism?

What is the salary of mass communication and journalism?

Mass Communication Salary

Mass Communication Career Average Salary Offered
BA in Journalism and Mass Communication INR 3.95 Lakhs Per Annum
MA in Journalism and Mass Communication INR 4.62 Lakhs Per Annum
MA in Mass Communication (MMC) INR 6.06 Lakhs Per Annum

What are the 7 types of Journalism?

Different Types of Journalism

  • Investigative. Investigative journalism aims to uncover the truth about a particular subject, person, or event.
  • News. News journalism is straightforward.
  • Reviews. Reviews are partly opinion and partly fact based.
  • Columns.
  • Feature Writing.

Which Journalism jobs pay the best?

Top Journalism Degree Jobs

  • Public Relations Managers. Median Salary $118,430.
  • Technical Writers. Median Salary $74,650.
  • Writers and Authors. Median Salary $67,120.
  • Editors. Median Salary $63,400.
  • Radio and Television Journalists. Median Salary $55,030.
  • Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers. Median Salary $51,190.

What is the entrance exam for Journalism?

GGSIPU CET Exam: It offers programmes like Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC), Master of Mass Communication (MJMC) Weekend and Master of Arts (Mass Communication) regular.

What is MA in journalism and Mass Communication?

MA Journalism and Mass Communication Or Master of Arts in Journalism and mass communication is a 2 year course for postgraduates. This course helps the students to understand about the basic study mass media and current happenings and dealing of situations.

What is the subject matter of the course in journalism?

The course consists of the concepts of news, history of journalism, political issues, and social issues. The course highlights M.A. in Journalism and mass communication. It includes the duration, eligibility, admission process, colleges, top recruiters, job profiles, fee and salary.

What is the present form of mass media?

The present form of mass media is due to a continuous evolution process. In this paper students learn about the various evolutionary phases of media channels. Print media is one of the erstwhile methods of mass communication in India and world. This course focuses on the two most important factors of print media/journalism – Reporting and Editing.

What is the final assessment for MA in Mass Communication?

The final assessment for MA in Mass Communication is based on performance in a theory examination which is held at the end of each semester and marks scored in Internal Assessment. The table given below illustrates the weightage given to various assessment criteria.

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