What are UHP implants?

What are UHP implants?

Answer: Ultra High Profile (UHP) Implants Ultra high profile or UHP implants are Mentor implants which provide the most projection for a round implant. Their use in augmentation is primarily in the woman with a narrow chest who desires as much projection as possible.

How much do 400cc gel implants weigh?

Answer: 400 cc implant weight The weight of 400 cc implants are converteg in to kilograms whichis the same 400 gms or 0.4 kgs which then amounts to about 1lb or so.

What is a high profile implant?

High Profile Implants: This type of implant is extremely narrow at the base to provide maximum projection. High profile implants yield the fullest and most rounded results, which may look less natural on some patients. However, high profile implants are often ideal for petite women who have a narrow chest wall.

How much does 400 cc silicone implant weigh?

400 grams
A 400cc saline implant weighs a total of 425 grams. A similar volume 400cc silicone implant weighs 400 grams. As you can see, the difference is not significant (25 grams is about 1/20 of a pound).

How much weight did you gain after breast augmentation?

Many women find that they gain some weight after undergoing breast augmentation. In most instances, only 3-5 pounds are gained after your procedure. While some of this weight gain is caused by the presence of breast implants in your body, there are other factors that account for the rest of the weight.

What are extra high profile implants?

Ultra-high or Extra-high profile implants They have the smallest base diameters for creating excessive projection. There is superior upper pole fullness and more cleavage. However, the implants are not for everyone. They are suited for women desiring unnatural, projecting, and very large breasts.

How much do 300 cc silicone implants weigh?

For every 100cc a saline implant weighs 0.21lbs. Thus, the average 300cc silicone implant weighs 0.69 pounds and both of them together weigh 1.38 pounds or less than a pound and a half.

Why do I feel so fat after breast augmentation?

Fluid retention – It is common to retain fluids after surgery due to the stress associated with your procedure and the consumption of prescription medications during recovery. This fluid retention is often responsible for the majority of the weight you gain.

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