What are words that start with ent?

What are words that start with ent?

9-letter words that start with ent

  • entertain.
  • entourage.
  • enteritis.
  • entamoeba.
  • entelechy.
  • entrecote.
  • entrechat.
  • enthymeme.

What are words that end in ent?

11-letter words that end in ent

  • development.
  • environment.
  • independent.
  • improvement.
  • appointment.
  • achievement.
  • intelligent.
  • requirement.

Are there any 6 letter words?

6-letter words

  • abroad.
  • accept.
  • access.
  • across.
  • acting.
  • action.
  • active.
  • actual.

What are some words that start with Geo?

10-letter words that start with geo

  • geographic.
  • geothermal.
  • geophysics.
  • geoscience.
  • geomorphic.
  • geometrics.
  • geocentric.
  • geometrize.

What’s an antonym for putrid?

putrid. Antonyms: wholesome, sound, inoffensive, pure, redolent, fresh, healthful, sweet, honorable, worthy. Synonyms: stinking, corrupt, offensive, decayed, decomposed, rotten, foul, mean, base, worthless.

Is ent a root word?

Definition & Meaning: Ant/Ent Root Word The root words –ant/-ent comes from Latin –’-ant, implying an act or condition of’ and ‘-ent, someone who is inclined to’. They are used to form nouns and adjectives respectively as we shall see during the end of this root word article.

What words end with Ant and ent?

abundant; contestant; defiant; ignorant; relevant; radiant; assistant; consultant; fragrant; pleasant; hesitant; observant; important; distant; attendant; instant; dominant; redundant; brilliant; elegant; tolerant; expectant; significant; reluctant; vigilant; applicant.

What are root words for Geo?

Terms in this set (15)

  • geo. earth, ground.
  • geocentric. measured from the earth’s center; having the earth as a center.
  • geodetic. pertaining to geodesy.
  • geodesy. mathematics dealing with the earth’s shape and dimensions.
  • geography.
  • geology.
  • geometry.
  • geomorphic.

What words contain ENT?

These are some common words ending in -ent: different; present; innocent; prominent; efficient; eloquent; insolent; recent; lenient; prudent; intelligent; eminent; resident; evident; confident; silent; consistent; sufficient; continent; patient; imminent; competent; recurrent; transient; permanent; persistent; incident.

What are some words with the suffix ent?

15-letter words that end in ent reapportionm ent immunocompet ent semitranspar ent counterargum ent eclaircissem ent hyperexcitem ent countermovem ent overachievem ent reestablishm ent enfranchisem ent

What is the suffix of ENT?

ENT ear, nose, and throat. a suffix, equivalent to -ant, appearing in nouns and adjectives of Latin origin: accident; different.

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