What channels are included in the directv sports package?

What channels are included in the directv sports package?

Channels that come with SPORTS PACK

  • ESPN College Extra (Ch. 788-789) – Exclusive live college sports events year-round.
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater (Ch.
  • MLB Network Strike Zone (Ch.
  • Univision Deportes – The best soccer games from around the world, plus pre- and post-game commentary and analysis.

How much does MLB Extra Innings cost on directv?

How much do MLB Extra Innings and MLB.TV cost?

Package MLB Extra Innings (Xfinity) MLB Extra Innings (DIRECTV)
Price $32.50 /mo. (Four payments) $21.66 /mo. (Up to six payments)
Streaming option Yes Yes
Cable subscription Required Required

How do I add MLB Extra Innings to directv?

Add MLB EXTRA INNINGS via text message Using the telephone number listed on your DIRECTV account, text MLB to 223322. Follow the prompts to confirm your selection.

How much does MLB.TV cost?

MLB.TV is now just $26.99 for the rest of the season.

What channel is the baseball game on directv?

What channel is MLB TV on DIRECTV?

Channel Channel Number
MLB Network 213

What is MLB on directv?

channel 213
What channel is MLB Network HD on DIRECTV? MLB Network HD is on channel 213.

What are the baseball channels on DIRECTV?


  • MLB Network Strike Zone (Ch. 719) provides a high-speed look at every MLB game across the league during the regular season.
  • MLB EXTRA INNINGS Mix (Ch. 720) lets you watch up to eight MLB games at once.

What channel is MLB package on DIRECTV?

MLB Network HD is on channel 213.

What channel is MLB.TV on DirecTV?

Does DirecTV have Cox Sports?

FOX SPORTS NORTH . RSN – availability varies by zip code. DISH Channel: 436. DIRECTV Channel: 668 HD . FOX SPORTS NORTH is available in the following packages: DIRECTV : PREMIER™. DISH: America’s Top 200™. DISH: America’s Top 250™.

What is the DirecTV regional sports fee?

DirecTV charges a monthly “Regional Sports Fee” that varies from$0 to$7.29.

  • Even though all viewers in the same city get access to the same channels,this fee is not evenly applied.
  • In some cities – Chicago,Pittsburgh,Minneapolis – there are a small number of ZIP codes that pay around$1.40/month more than everyone else.
  • What is the customer service number for Direct TV?

    DirecTV Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-531-5000. Phone Line Hours: 8am-6pm PST. Average Wait: 19 minutes. Best time to call: 3:15pm.

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