What country is Merca?

What country is Merca?

Merca (Somali: Marka, Maay: Marky, Arabic: مركة) is a historic port city in the southern Lower Shebelle province of Somalia. It is located approximately 109 km (68 mi) to the southwest of the nation’s capital Mogadishu….Merca.

Merca Marky Marka مَركة
Country Somalia
State South West
Region Lower Shabelle
Population (2014)

How many districts are in Lower Shabelle?

eight districts
REGION: LOWER SHABELLE REGION The region comprises eight districts: Merka (the regional capital), Afgoi, Wanle Weyn, Koryoley, Sablale, Brava, Kurtun Warrey and Audegle. It has an estimated population of 800,000 to 900,000.

How many districts are in Middle Shabelle?

seven districts
The region consists of seven districts: Jowhar – the regional capital, Balad, Adale, Aden Yabal, Warseikh, Run-Nigrod and Mahaddey. The region supports livestock production, rain-fed and irrigated agriculture and fisheries, with an annual rainfall between 150 and 500 millimeters.

How do you get MRSA?

MRSA is usually spread in the community by contact with infected people or things that are carrying the bacteria. This includes through contact with a contaminated wound or by sharing personal items, such as towels or razors, that have touched infected skin.

How many states are there in Somalia?

Somalia is a federal republic consisting of five federal states as well as the Banadir Regional Administration (BRA) and the claimed territory of Somaliland.

Where is Shalambood?

Shalambood community garden is located in Shalambood village, on the outskirts of Merka, about 20km away. The locals are farmers and herders; they have their own farms and keep the animals both inside and out of the village.

How many district are there in Hiiraan?

8 districts
Hiran(Hiiraan) Region Region is headquartered in Beledweyne. The Hiran Region is divided into 8 districts. Districts of Hiran: Beledweyne District, Buloburde District, Moqokori District, Halgan District, Buq Aqable District, Jalalaqsi District, Mataban District and Mahas District.

What is the capital of Mogadishu?

Mogadishu, Somali Muqdisho, Italian Mogadiscio, Arabic Maqdishu, capital, largest city, and a major port of Somalia, located just north of the Equator on the Indian Ocean. One of the earliest Arab settlements on the East African coast, its origins date to the 10th century.

Is MRSA painful?

MRSA usually appear as a bump or infected area that is red, swollen, painful, warm to the touch, or full of pus. If you or someone in your family experiences these signs and symptoms, cover the area with a bandage and contact your healthcare professional.

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