What county is Bardsey in?

What county is Bardsey in?

West Yorkshire
Bardsey, West Yorkshire

Metropolitan borough City of Leeds
Metropolitan county West Yorkshire
Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Country England

Is Bardsey north Yorkshire?

Bardsey lies two miles south of the North Yorkshire border, and was historically in the county of Yorkshire. Bardsey falls within the metropolitan district council of Leeds. It is in the LS17 postcode district.

Where is Bardsey Island?

Bardsey Island, Welsh Ynys Enlli, small island, with an area of 0.7 square mile (1.8 square km), off the tip of the Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd county, historic county of Caernavonshire (Sir Gaernarfon), Wales. It is separated from the mainland by a channel 2 miles (3 km) wide that has a strong tidal race.

Are there shops in Bardsey?

There is a convenience store in the village but Wetherby and Leeds are nearby for bigger shopping. Both service everything from DIY and home goods to clothing and interior furnishings. The former is also home to your nearest superstore: Sainsbury’s or Morrisons.

Are there toilets on Bardsey Island?

There is a Visitor Centre on Bardsey with public toilets. The island is also home to the Bardsey Island Bird and Field Observatory, where studies are made of bird migration patterns and monitoring of nesting birds is also carried out.

Can I visit Bardsey Island?

Bardsey is open for visitors from March until October. Day trips are available and weekly stays can be booked with the Bardsey Island Trust.

Can you buy food on Bardsey Island?

There is no grocery shop on the island, except what is available from the farm and cafe, where evening meals and breakfasts can be booked in advance.

Does Bardsey Island have electricity?

Bardsey Island has no hot water, electricity, showers or wi-fi, but the chair of island’s trust says that is exactly what gives it its appeal.

Are there shops on Bardsey Island?

Sufficient food and drink, although you don’t need to bring water unless we ask you to (if there has been a drought). There is no grocery shop on the island, except what is available from the farm and cafe, where evening meals and breakfasts can be booked in advance.

Can you swim on Bardsey Island?

The Bardsey Island Trust does not recommend sailing, kayaking or swimming around the coastline of Bardsey as the strong currents can be very dangerous. Any of these activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Where is Bardsey in Yorkshire?

Bardsey, West Yorkshire, England is a small village in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, 8 miles (13 km) north east of Leeds city centre. The village is in the LS17 Leeds postcode district. It is part of the civil parish of Bardsey cum Rigton. The village itself lies just off the A58 road between Leeds and Wetherby .

How to choose a hotel in Bardsey?

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Is there an app for Bardsey?

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