What county is Camp Wood TX in?

What county is Camp Wood TX in?

Real County
Camp Wood/Counties
Camp Wood is on the Nueces River at the intersection of Farm Road 337 and State Highway 55, just below Camp Wood Creek in far southwestern Real County. The settlement was founded in 1920 by workers of the Uvalde Cedar Company for the purpose of exploiting the abundant cedar in the area.

Is Camp Wood Texas Safe?

Crime Grades Camp Wood is in the 14th percentile for safety, meaning 86% of cities are safer and 14% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of assault in Camp Wood is 3.69 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

What is there to do in Camp Wood Texas?

Camp Wood Area Tourist Attractions

  • Garner State Park.
  • Lost Maples State Natural Area.
  • Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area – 6 miles NE of Rocksprings.
  • The Real County Historical Museum – Leakey.
  • Lone Star Motorcyle Museum – near Vanderpool.
  • Sunset Bat Flights – Concan.
  • John Nance Garner Museum – Uvalde.

What state is Camp Wood in?

Camp Wood/State

Where does the Nueces River begin and end?

The Nueces River rises in two forks in Edwards and Real counties and flows 315 miles to Nueces Bay on the Gulf near Corpus Christi. Draining 16,700 square miles, it is a beautiful, spring-fed stream flowing through canyons until it issues from the Balcones Escarpment onto the Coastal Plains in northern Uvalde County.

Where can I swim on the Nueces River?

Camp Wood
The Quince North of Uvalde, the Nueces River runs through the town of Camp Wood where locals mosey to “the swim spot” on River Road on hot days. The Quince, named for its fifteen-foot depth, is a short climb down a rocky bank into a spot where the river is narrow enough to swim side to side.

What is Camp Wood Texas ZIP code?

Camp Wood/Zip codes

Are there alligators in the Nueces River?

“There are a lot of alligators in parts of South Texas, and some really big ones, especially along the Nueces River,” said Amos Cooper, who runs TPWD’s alligator programs. “There’s a tremendous number of alligators in this country (South Texas) – a lot more than people would expect.

Is Nueces River spring fed?

The river is spring-fed with a limestone bottom. The towns along the Nueces headwaters use their soil, through proper land application, for their wastewater disposal and don’t discharge anything into the river.

Where is the prettiest water in Texas?

These 11 Swimming Spots Have The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In Texas

  • Barton Springs Pool (Austin)
  • Balmorhea State Park (Reeves)
  • Medina River (Bandera)
  • Garner State Park (Concan)
  • Devil’s Waterhole (Burnet)
  • Krause Springs (Spicewood)
  • Blue Hole (Wimberley) Flickr/nanpalmero.
  • Cypress Bend Park (New Braunfels)

Where is the best place to camp in Texas?

Another one of our best places to camp in Texas is our Kerrville Park. Here you will find a relaxed family atmosphere where you can take a leisurely walk along the Guadalupe River , fish from its banks, swim in the river, relax in one of the many shady tree swings overlooking the river, or watch the deer feed in the meadow.

Where is camp located?

The camp is located on a forest road 1200 km (740 mi) by road from Vancouver, BC and about 130 km from the town of Smithers. A car can make the trip from Vancouver in about 16 hours including gas and refreshment stops.

Where is frontier camp in Texas?

Frontier Camp is located in East Texas, approximately two and a half hours from both Houston and Dallas, on the north shore of beautiful Houston County Lake, west of Grapeland and Crockett. Our physical address is 131 Frontier Camp Rd. Grapeland, TX 75844.

Where is the Woodland Church in Texas?

Woodlands Church (formerly known as Fellowship of The Woodlands or FOTW) is a non denomenational mega church located in The Woodlands, Texas about 27 miles north of downtown Houston , TX, led by Senior Pastor Kerry Shook .

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