What did Jason Aldean do before he was famous?

What did Jason Aldean do before he was famous?

With his father working as his booking agent, Aldean began landing gigs in bars and other small venues throughout the Southeast. He seemingly hit the big time by signing with Warner-Chapell Publishing, prompting a move to Nashville in 1998, but instead found his career stalling.

How did Jason Aldean get discovered?

1998–2004: Career beginnings He was approached by Michael Knox, then of the Warner-Chappell song-publishing company. After signing with Warner-Chappell, Aldean moved to Nashville on November 1, 1998, at the age of 21. Aldean was offered a recording contract but was subsequently dropped.

Why did Jason Aldean change his name?

Jason Aldine Williams was forced to change his name because it was already taken by famous basketball player Jason Williams. So Jason Aldean’s new stage name is more of a spell change than a complete switch-a-roo.

What did Jason Aldean’s parents do?

Barry Aldean
Debbie Aldean
Jason Aldean/Parents

Who is Jason Aldean’s wife?

Brittany Kerrm. 2015
Jessica Aldeanm. 2001–2013
Jason Aldean/Wife

How many wives has Jason Aldean?

Jason Aldeans first wife was there at the beginning of his country music career. Before marrying his second wife Brittany Kerr on March 21, 2015, Jason Aldean was married to first wife Jessica Ussery (Jessica Aldean) for eleven years before the pair separated and filed for divorce.

How long has Jason Aldean been married?

While Jason and Brittany’s love story began with controversy, you can’t overlook their ability to overcome negativity. Jason and Brittany have been married for over six years and have two children together, 3-year-old son Memphis and 2-year-old daughter Navy.

Who is Brittany Aldean sister?

Kasi Rosa Wicks
Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, and his sister, Kasi Rosa Wicks, are teaming up for a new clothing line. Brittany revealed the news via her Instagram on Friday evening (Nov. 5), announcing that the clothing line will officially drop on Monday (Nov.

Does Jason Aldean have twins?

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany’s two beautiful babies, Memphis and Navy Rome, are just over a year apart. Not only do the two babies share blond hair and angel faces, but they also have the same rosy cheeks. Even Brittany can’t deny her toddlers look like twins.

Is Jason Aldean currently married?

Jason Aldean/Spouse

What did Brittany Aldean do for a living?

Nowadays, Brittany Aldean can be found by her husband’s side enjoying their brand new Tennessee estate. The family often joins Jason on the road and their second home is a customized tour bus. Besides keeping up with the kids, Brittany is a talented makeup artist and she also has her own clothing line.

Did Jason Aldean get married?

The pair have been married since March 21, 2015. On March 21, 2015, country music superstar Jason Aldean married second wife Brittany Aldean (Kerr) The couple became engaged on September 24, 2014 while visiting the San Diego Zoo. Jason and Brittany had a very drama-filled start to their relationship back in 2012.

What ethnicity is Jason Aldean?

Birth Name: Jason Aldine Williams. Place of Birth: Macon , Georgia, U.S. Date of Birth: February 28, 1977. Ethnicity: English/Welsh, possibly other. Jason Aldean is an American country music singer.

How many children does Jason Aldean have?

Jason Aldean has Four Kids Making It Quite Like A Circus at the Country Star’s Home

Is Jason Aldean married?

Aldean is happily married to his wife, Brittany Kerr . The couple shares two children – a son, Memphis Aldean, born on 1 December 2015, and a daughter, Navy Rome, born on 4 February 2019. Jason Aldean shares two kids with his wife, Brittany Kerr. Photo credit: Instagram/ jasonaldean

Who is Jason Aldean dating?

Jason Aldean is dating Brittany Kerr, the same woman he was famously photographed kissing in September 2012. Speculation that the two were dating began after Kerr began appearing backstage at Aldean’s concerts.

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